dad’s receipt



” Anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a Dad.” unknown child. gave me the inspiration for my piece.

we have been asked to include three song titles by Punam at #dverse.

the titles i have chosen are;

song for dad by Keith Urban

my fathers eyes by Eric Clapton

your daddy loves you by Gill Scott Heron.

Dad’s receipt!


For sale or hire, multi child rabble,

writing this song for dad.

Damaged but not forgotten.

Comes with loving Mum.

Babysitters beware,

For I have my fathers eyes.

Must keep receipt,

Limited time offer,

Super hero required.

Strong together,

With added brothers,

Father long gone,

Dad always present.

Child rabble,

your Daddy loves you.

With memories,

Of a father and a dad.

Some bad



© 21/03/2023 rog leach

Scarecrow harmony #Quadrille

#Fowc harmony

De from whimsygizmo hosted #dversepoetspub this evening prompting a scare.

I have also included the word harmony from #fowc.

bring out them heads

Scarecrow Harmony.

#Quadrille (scare), #fowc (harmony)

Twas a dark and scary night,

At the scarecrow harmony,

Building night of the next,


Two headed harmonies,

From plastic Halloween head ideas to,

Next year’s scarecrows made in spring,

This consecrated Halloween party,

Is scarecrow harmony,

On a dark and scary night.

© 31/10/2022 rog (scarecrow) leach

Lonely Stream.

hello dverse poets. today we have been prompted to write a quadrille (a poem of 44 words) using the word stream.

i have also included the word “lonely” from #FOWC with fandagos one word challenge.

blue stream

Lonely Stream!

My lonely stream of words,

Flows on over deaf ears,

This my lonely stream of words,

Springs from my ravaged heart,

This My lonely demoralised stream of words,

Rolls on past ignorant bystanders.

My lonely stream of words,

Reaches this river of refined bards.

© 26/07/21 rogleach