hello all at #dversepoetspub.

Here is my quadrille for Merrill’s mirror prompt.


#quadrille, #reflections, #dversepoetspub.

 Am I dreaming,

Am I witnessing,

Russet red sunset over,

Autumn coloured trees,

 Strikingly Reflected in,

Unrippled water,

Beautiful nature’s bounty.



Beautiful nature’s bounty,

Unrippled water,

Strikingly reflected in,

Autumn coloured trees,

Russet red sunset over,

Am I witnessing,

Am I dreaming.

© 15/05/2023 rog leach

Here i reflect upon life
Idle reflections

under your x #quadrille175

sharing a grandparents love #grandparents

Thank you De for tonight’s Quadrille prompt of the wonderful word “map” here at #dversepoets prompt.

Under your x #quadrille175.

Put a mark on their map.

Leave something behind,

A time capsule wrapped,

 In a memory.

Give your children’s children,

Some buried treasure.

Like my grandparents left for me,

Marking the map of my heart,

With their treasure of love.

Not all treasure sparkles.

© 01/05/2023 rog leach

Revolution #quadrille.

thanks Kim for this great choice of word for tonight’s quadrille.



Tormented yes, living somebody else’s dream,

Bullied into dying for psychopath’s dream.

Why give psychopaths ruling power!

Love thy neighbours, till psychopath,

Orders you to destroy another’s home.

Revolution time, no more nations,

No more reasons for war,

Transform our thinking.


© 17/04/2023 rog leach

Muck Spout #Quadrille

cheers DE for this one @ #dverse got me thinking of some of the foul mouthed behaviour some people showed over the zoom get togethers I was part of during the Covid lockdowns. AS well as some I heard about. The term muck spout is an old English insult for somebody who uses inappropriate language.

Muck spout. #quadrille.

Into video calls we fell,

No other way,

when covid struck.

Muck spout,

Where did they learn,

 That lingo, not from you?

Thrown out of Zoom meet,

For being muck spout,

Yet again.

Where did my child,

Learn that lingo,

Not from,

F******g me.

© 03/04/2023 rog leach

makeshift heart #qudrille172.

#q44, #44

Hello all at #dverse and thank you mish for todays prompt of shift.

Makeshift heart. #quadrille.

 My makeshift heart purged,

Left behind when my love,

was stolen.

My life shifted from full,

into nothing but an empty,

place of shifting shadows.

My shifty ex now,

Long forgotten,

I gearshift into life.

An upshift where,

I no longer,

Require my heart.

© 20/03/2023 rog leach