Boldly belonging. #quadrille

#dversepoetspub. #belonging

This was the very first of my poems I read aloud to a room full of strangers, back in October of 2018. Now 4 years and four months ago. now those strangers are my friends.


#Quadrille, #dverse.


Hands shaking, stomach turning,

Four years and four months since,

 First venture to share my poetry.


Learning still how to poem,

Building a boulder of work,  

Will my hands ever,

Cease shaking?

When sharing aloud.

© 09/01/2023 rogleach

Scarecrow harmony #Quadrille

#Fowc harmony

De from whimsygizmo hosted #dversepoetspub this evening prompting a scare.

I have also included the word harmony from #fowc.

bring out them heads

Scarecrow Harmony.

#Quadrille (scare), #fowc (harmony)

Twas a dark and scary night,

At the scarecrow harmony,

Building night of the next,


Two headed harmonies,

From plastic Halloween head ideas to,

Next year’s scarecrows made in spring,

This consecrated Halloween party,

Is scarecrow harmony,

On a dark and scary night.

© 31/10/2022 rog (scarecrow) leach

Hells bells toll #Quadrille162

#Quadrille, #dverse,

Thanks Kim at #dverse poets pub for such a wonderful quadrille prompt.

could not help but go where the bells took me.

hells bells toll


Thy bell tolls, For thy

bell-end trolls, Nasty remarks,

 on tip of tongue. Ready to offend,

Bell-end trolls not wanted Here at,

Poet’s place of repose. Love of words,

Always welcome, when thy bell tolls for trolls,

Last Days Upon Earth Giving,



© 17/10/2022 Rog Leach

Punch drunk#quadrille160

Here we are at #dversepoetspub punching our way to #quadrille160. Thank you, De, for the prompt.

circles of tools

Punch drunk #quadrille.

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s respect,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s love,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s quality,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s satisfaction.

Working poet showing grafters respect,

Working poet showing grafters love,

Poetry showing grafters quality of life

This poet gains satisfaction.

#Quadrille, #dverse.

©19/09/2022 rog leach

life’s labour #quadrille159

Here we are again at the poet’s pub enjoying the quadrilles and the company of kindred spirits.

don’t let the hourglass of life slip you past. grab life by the horns and enjoy.

sands of life.

thank you msjadeli at #dversepotspub for a great prompt.

Life’s labours!

#quadrille159, # labour, #grafter.

We labour through the University of life,

Meeting abuse for our efforts.

We labour through life,

Being born just once.

Learn to enjoy life.

We labour through life,

Meeting death just once.

Reject abuse of your efforts,

Passing along wisdom from university of life.

© 05/09/2022 rog leach