Punch drunk#quadrille160

Here we are at #dversepoetspub punching our way to #quadrille160. Thank you, De, for the prompt.

circles of tools

Punch drunk #quadrille.

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s respect,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s love,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s quality,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s satisfaction.

Working poet showing grafters respect,

Working poet showing grafters love,

Poetry showing grafters quality of life

This poet gains satisfaction.

#Quadrille, #dverse.

©19/09/2022 rog leach

life’s labour #quadrille159

Here we are again at the poet’s pub enjoying the quadrilles and the company of kindred spirits.

don’t let the hourglass of life slip you past. grab life by the horns and enjoy.

sands of life.

thank you msjadeli at #dversepotspub for a great prompt.

Life’s labours!

#quadrille159, # labour, #grafter.

We labour through the University of life,

Meeting abuse for our efforts.

We labour through life,

Being born just once.

Learn to enjoy life.

We labour through life,

Meeting death just once.

Reject abuse of your efforts,

Passing along wisdom from university of life.

© 05/09/2022 rog leach

Trains , Planes etc #Quadrille

oh de toilet


Cycling Cycles, Skidding Skateboards,

Paper Planes, Trailing Trains,

Crappy Coaches, Automatic Automobile,

Take your pick of travel method.

Trying not to puke on route.

Stinking toilets, poor standard driving,

Midnight hats, early hours piss.

Anything else will do again,

Mega night bus go jump.

© 23/08/2022 rog leach

cult end game

#quadrille #anti-cult

Star book hour, e-mail sent,

Grum-hive born, take the cash,

Meet at spar park, Anti cult,

Evil nuns and gods, take souls,

Hang like a boss, minds broken,

Dead mind is mine, soul snaps,

Look, jump, splat, body dead,

Cult grabs lead, heads died.

© 07/08/2022 Rog Leach.

Wondering type #poemporn #Q157

Thank you de Jackson for tonight’s quadrille prompt. It gave me the finishing line for this poem i was toying with all weekend.

#quadrille, #dversepoetspub

I am just a wondering poet,

Lost in my own darkness,

Held there by others negative,

Filled with a longing for my light,

Who has to die me or them!

I am a dark words type,

Who’s heart must be broken mine or theirs?

dark poet