Punch drunk#quadrille160

Here we are at #dversepoetspub punching our way to #quadrille160. Thank you, De, for the prompt.

circles of tools

Punch drunk #quadrille.

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s respect,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s love,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s quality,

Punch drunk workers lacking life’s satisfaction.

Working poet showing grafters respect,

Working poet showing grafters love,

Poetry showing grafters quality of life

This poet gains satisfaction.

#Quadrille, #dverse.

©19/09/2022 rog leach

Helter Skelter #ekphrastic

Helter Skelter.

I live the helter skelter life,

Round and round and round,

Sliding away from where I was.

But where I was, was not right,

Round and round and round,

Sliding towards where I will be.

Back up the stairs through the darkness,

Will I make the top,

Again and again and again.

Just walk away, away, away

From the bollocks of the

Helter skelter life style of

Climbing life’s greasy pole

Only to be knocked back down.

© 13/09/2022 Rog Leach

here tonight at the #dverse pub we invited to look at the houses painted by Lee Madgwick and create an ekphrastic poem. thank you Sarah for the prompt.

Dome life #prosery

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Here we are again out, out at the #dverse poets pub planning on using the line “I’d like too, to plant the alyssum that smell like honey and peace.” from Kathrine Riegel’s poem “what I would like to grow in my garden.”


 Sitting under my grandfather’s dome. The last remaining intact here on the sea of tranquillity. Tending the garden since the others died. My grandfather keeps me company. The last of our kind since natures war. Mother nature took her planet back.

 My grandparents and four other couples settled this Luna base 75 years ago. Grandfathers garden planted to maintain the dome’s oxygen and feed the residence. Inspired by a carpet of snow like flowers in his grandmother’s garden.

He regularly say’s “I’d like, too, to plant the alyssum that smell like honey and peace my grandmother once did.”

“What does honey smell like?” I ask him.

“You know we cannot grow anything now, dear one for you to find out.”

“I still cannot believe this will never be.  This My heart breaks grandfather!”

“We died with the rest of humanity in natures war Alyssum.”

© 12/09/2022 rog leach

life’s labour #quadrille159

Here we are again at the poet’s pub enjoying the quadrilles and the company of kindred spirits.

don’t let the hourglass of life slip you past. grab life by the horns and enjoy.

sands of life.

thank you msjadeli at #dversepotspub for a great prompt.

Life’s labours!

#quadrille159, # labour, #grafter.

We labour through the University of life,

Meeting abuse for our efforts.

We labour through life,

Being born just once.

Learn to enjoy life.

We labour through life,

Meeting death just once.

Reject abuse of your efforts,

Passing along wisdom from university of life.

© 05/09/2022 rog leach

My choice #mychoice

Hello all how are we this evening? tonight at #dversepoets pub we are discussing choice.

I have gone for the kind of choice that most people have a had time with. But one I believe needs to be discussed with our loved ones.

thank you Grace and Christopher for a grand choice of word.

My choice!

Tis my choice,

when the end is nigh,

A clinic in Switzerland?

A leap from a bridge?

Help from a loved one?

Whichever is the fastest please.

We call ourselves humane,

When we put pets out of their pain,

But our family and friends,

We make to suffer,

Whose choice, is it?

When the time comes.

Why is it so hard for those,

Who love us to let,

Our suffering ends?

If at my end, I am of sound mind,

It will my choice,

To be euthanized.

why is it illegal?

If I no longer want to suffer,

That I cannot ask such a thing.

my choice which one

© 30/08/2022 Rog Leach