This is not a pad and pen…..


This pad and pen helps me escape dro the drudgery of factory life.

This pen the key, this pad the door.

Together they are a porthole to anywhere.

Poems of love, hate and hearts lost.

Stories of princesses kidnapped by ogres.

Songs sung by musicians, making the world dance.

Giving words to actors to share on this world’s stages.

Even taking rocket ship rides to worlds unchareted.

Tgis pad and pen can take you anywhere your imagination dare goes.

Restart the old

This was written for dverse haibun challenge on jan4th 2021.

The crisp new beginning I had hoped for at the end of 2018 started well. 2019 went to plan giving me anew job with fresh challenges. The crisp new beginning I had and hoped would grow fell to pieces in 2020’s pandemic. My new colleagues helping my creative juices to flow until this beast called COVID-19 squished my hope therein.

Mid 2020 being ejected into the wilderness of my 8th redundancy. Followed by dinner at a distance with old friends. Catching up with those moving on, wishing them luck I do. Moving backwards to fill the void they leave behind.

This my first piece of 2021 holds the hope for another crisp new beginning. To the old friends and colleagues, I re-joined. After two years in the wilderness, I started anew with old friends bringing new ideas to the old ways. When all is well again and the vaccine has won. These old friends will join me in my new adventure of taking my poetry to the open mics of 2021 and beyond.