Boldly belonging. #quadrille

#dversepoetspub. #belonging

This was the very first of my poems I read aloud to a room full of strangers, back in October of 2018. Now 4 years and four months ago. now those strangers are my friends.


#Quadrille, #dverse.


Hands shaking, stomach turning,

Four years and four months since,

 First venture to share my poetry.


Learning still how to poem,

Building a boulder of work,  

Will my hands ever,

Cease shaking?

When sharing aloud.

© 09/01/2023 rogleach

1911 Holiday I wish


thank you, Laura, for an interesting prompt @ #dverse this evening talking about messages on the flyleaf of gifted books. we had to choose one of those listed and use it as an epigraph.

1911 holiday I wish.

From teacher                    Awarded to Fanny [papper]

For an Essay on

“What I saw during [the holidays]”

September 1911

Note to teacher                           Thanks Miss Smyth,

For my love,

Of David Copperfield.

Read amidst the,

steam and Sulphur,

of summer harvest.


From Miss Smyth                      steam and sulphur,

Sulphur and Steam,

Have you seen the devil or


Note to teacher                           no miss Smyth no devil

Ne devil or lucifer,

Just a traction engine,

Powered bailer,

The future I have seen.

A poet I shall be

1911 built straw bailer engine.

Written to a #dverse prompt on

© 17/11/2022 rog leach

Moonset #prosery



I am a lover of the moonlight.  Dressing in black with heavy white makeup most nights. My friends of evening do not recognise me in my lacklustre office attire knowing me as knight. My work colleagues unaware of my nights as a wandering poet.

Once upon a drunken endeavour my real friends and I discussed our grave markers and what we wished written upon them. Sat in a restaurant sharing an evening meal with oodles of red wine joking it was blood. We saved our obituaries on the social media group we share as friends. Sky street is its name.  sharing stories of life, love and death.

“In the street of the sky night walks. Scattering poems.” Will appear on the plaque above my final resting place. Where I have asked to be entombed at the moonset on the anniversary of my timely demise.

This piece of flash fiction was written for a prompt left at #dversepoetrypub by Linda Lee on 07/11/2022

© rog leach

the line “In the street of the sky night walks scattering poems.” is from the poem tulips and chimneys by E E Cummings.

Scarecrow harmony #Quadrille

#Fowc harmony

De from whimsygizmo hosted #dversepoetspub this evening prompting a scare.

I have also included the word harmony from #fowc.

bring out them heads

Scarecrow Harmony.

#Quadrille (scare), #fowc (harmony)

Twas a dark and scary night,

At the scarecrow harmony,

Building night of the next,


Two headed harmonies,

From plastic Halloween head ideas to,

Next year’s scarecrows made in spring,

This consecrated Halloween party,

Is scarecrow harmony,

On a dark and scary night.

© 31/10/2022 rog (scarecrow) leach

culture clash #limericks

This evening Punam is hosting letting us know about the language crossover words between Indian languages and English. Punam has given a list of us to choose from I have gone with Hullabaloo, Shampoo, juggernaut and bandana. so, while India and other Hindu around the world celebrate Diwali. I have gone with a light rhyming form which I enjoy the limerick.

Photo by Belle Co on

There was a bear called Hullabaloo,

Who could not bear to use shampoo,

Spending his days eating honey,

Always sticky and finding it funny,

His mother knew not what to do.

 There was yoga juggernaut called Yogi,

Who was to heavy and slow to boogie,

She Took to wearing a bandana,

Before learning to play the old Johanna,

Now when she dances, no longer a rookie.

© 25/10/2022 Rog Leach