strawberry patch

tonight Frank is hosting at #dversepoetspub and he has asked us to write a haibun about memory

Strawberry patch.

The strawberry patch of my younger years held joy. Those little white flowers low to the ground as it warms up in May. A prelude to bowlfuls of juicy red fruit for topping breakfast cereal. For having smothered in ice cream after school. Memory of the hot, hot summer of 1976.

Before school emptying watering cans around fruit and veg plants. After school Mum throwing empty bowls at me, my siblings and childhood friends, fill these up from the patch. Me on strawberries, siblings on veg and friends on anything ready.

Strawberries picked,

Fingers sticky, bellies full,

Plenty left for jam.

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© 22/05/2023 rog leach


hello all at #dversepoetspub.

Here is my quadrille for Merrill’s mirror prompt.


#quadrille, #reflections, #dversepoetspub.

 Am I dreaming,

Am I witnessing,

Russet red sunset over,

Autumn coloured trees,

 Strikingly Reflected in,

Unrippled water,

Beautiful nature’s bounty.



Beautiful nature’s bounty,

Unrippled water,

Strikingly reflected in,

Autumn coloured trees,

Russet red sunset over,

Am I witnessing,

Am I dreaming.

© 15/05/2023 rog leach

Here i reflect upon life
Idle reflections

under your x #quadrille175

sharing a grandparents love #grandparents

Thank you De for tonight’s Quadrille prompt of the wonderful word “map” here at #dversepoets prompt.

Under your x #quadrille175.

Put a mark on their map.

Leave something behind,

A time capsule wrapped,

 In a memory.

Give your children’s children,

Some buried treasure.

Like my grandparents left for me,

Marking the map of my heart,

With their treasure of love.

Not all treasure sparkles.

© 01/05/2023 rog leach

Revolution #quadrille.

thanks Kim for this great choice of word for tonight’s quadrille.



Tormented yes, living somebody else’s dream,

Bullied into dying for psychopath’s dream.

Why give psychopaths ruling power!

Love thy neighbours, till psychopath,

Orders you to destroy another’s home.

Revolution time, no more nations,

No more reasons for war,

Transform our thinking.


© 17/04/2023 rog leach

yellow. #limerick

tonight at the #dverse poets pub we are discussing “Yellow”.

and at Fandango’s one word challenge we have nullify #FOWC

heads will roll

Yellow. #limerick.

There’s a lad whose eyes are yellow,

Whiskey never made him mellow,

His mind it would nullify,

His anger it would amplify,

His voice nothing but a bellow.

© 11/04/2023 rog leach.