Getting caught., BREAKING LOCKDOWN

Here we are behind steamy windows!

Doing the unspeakable naughty,

Breaking taboos of good taste,

Hidden away from the law enforcers,

Behind our vehicle’s steamy windows,

NO body knows what happens here,

 Behind these steamy windows,

The cars back seat littered,

 with the mess of broken taboos.


The doors swing open,

Guns pointing,

Law enforcers shouting,

Hands and fore arms

Grease covered

From taboo fast food

Wrappers on backseat

And steamy windows

Condemn us

To prison time for food indecency

But ohhhh so worth it.

© 12/1/2021 rog leach

watching out the window from work today as I sat eating lunch. i saw car parked up outside with the windows steamed up. my imagination took me to this poem of what i thought might be behind those steamed up windows. #lockdownlife

ready for open mic nght(when it happens again)

This is not a pad and pen…..


This pad and pen helps me escape dro the drudgery of factory life.

This pen the key, this pad the door.

Together they are a porthole to anywhere.

Poems of love, hate and hearts lost.

Stories of princesses kidnapped by ogres.

Songs sung by musicians, making the world dance.

Giving words to actors to share on this world’s stages.

Even taking rocket ship rides to worlds unchareted.

Tgis pad and pen can take you anywhere your imagination dare goes.


dVerse — Quadrille 117 — The Dude Abides | dVerse (



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No more ghastly plague info,

I can abide it any longer,

This pandemic can go jump,

I tolerate fear no longer,

Conspiracy theories,

 adding more unease and distrust,

To this world’s cauldron of discontent,

Researchers chasing cure for us,

Vaccination will triumph for all.

30/11/20 rog leach

Home in my head

I am at home in my own head.

My head is where I am always

No one disturbs me once locked down

Its Familiarity and comfort to be home.

Love and peace for those not at home in their own head

Looking forward to the days you are

Imagination the soft furnishings scattered around my every thought.

I am joined occasionlly joined by the voices of my poem pets

Making themselvs at home in my head

Only welcome for a short while

Their forever home out there in other minds

Keeping covid in its cloister

Well away from my home in my head