Blue Draco

hi my muse is struggling but i have managed a little something. i don’t good about these but it’s somehing.

thank you #dversepub for keeping my head in gear and out of the blue. you have inspired me to try and put together a collection of dark verse “epistle”.

Draco Why,

          Why are my dreams of Lazuli blue?

Why Draco, why does he fuel my melancholy?

His lapis effigy sleeps next my long cold heart,

We sold his morrows!!!!

For an infinity of morrows,

Why Draco why?

He was our human son.

Your black and blue eternal widow.

bleeding blue heart

My darkest widow,

 Be blue widow be blue,

Keep the effigy near his memory lives

With us his ripped jeans

 stained in his blue blood keeps

our morrows eternal.

Our royal son,

had to die human,

to protect us in

our self-loathing.

From the love of

others religious faith.

Keeping our dark love dark.

Your eternally blue Darco.

© 11/5/21rogleach

Looking Back

for MTB ON AT #dversepoespub we are looking at palinode

the origanal poem i am reacting to with my palinoden is envious eyes link below.

Envious Eyes

LOOKING BACK (a pallinode)

LOOKING BACK at how I was

Mixed up and confuddled

About my father’s alcoholism

I almost followed suit

While watching with envious eyes

Of others money and success

Now I know that my

Pockets contain words of poetry

I no longer look through wardrobe doors

with envy at the greedy

©6/5/2021 rogleach

Draco’s response

In response to Ingrad’s promt on dverse tonight to write a poet as narrter narrative. i have written a response to my first verse “epistle” my Dearest Draco. Which was written for an earliear dverse prompt.

the first half of this is the first written. tonights effort is the second half.

My Dear Draco

My Dear Draco,

In my wonderous grief,

My melancholy draws me to you,

You fraternise with the dead,

 That my heart consents to join,

While my mind discards the notion.

Your dark eyes loosened my message,

My heartbreak summons me to you,

Your hounds howl at my anguish,

Written is this in my,

Dead husbands’ blood!!

You hankering for blood

Cajoles me to you

Here I am offering you

All of my morrows

Gifting my death to you

So, you can feast,

 on my malicious blood!!


The black widow of Darkville

© 9/3/21 rog leach

Draco’s response

My dearest widow,

          Come let me feast on your blood!

 I accept your death and join

your morrows to mine.

I am hankering after

the taste of your blood.

I am glad to see you kept a vile

 of my human blood.

The heartbreak at my death caught

in your blood shot eyes.

Helped me consent to you joining me

Come join me in the melancholy of death

Together we will be in death

Forever yours in death


© rogleach 4/5/21


i was just reminded of this piece thought i would post here

Monarch butterfly emerging

Caterpillar no longer

your own words

forms your cocoon

edited into wings

Beauty within your wisdom

life teaching all to listen

Molding waste into roses

for the caterpillar

and butterfly alike

your beauty shows

in your tete-a-tete.

Transformed your wings

Unfolding our understanding

of a writers special

Kind of weird

only after a caterpillar

Has gorged upon

A story tellers inner being.

(c) rogleach 2019

Seed of Doubt

Thanks Merril for planting this prompt at the dverse poets pub. i hope it germinats into some wonderful quadrilles. #poetry # seedofdoubt

Plant your seed of doubt

You planted my seed of doubt

 Which doubt will it grow?

No doubt your seed will grow.

I will not feed your seed

Doubts unwanted in my life

Feed your seed to another greed

To germinate in another’s mind.



© rogleach 3/35/2021