Giltwright. #poetry

#ecopoem, #ecothief.


hello #dverspoets pub here is this weeks only poem so far from me. hope you enjoy

keep it clean

I am the hobgoblin poet,

Having my mistakes shown,

To me by my own Giltwright.

My insights not getting heard,

Human thieves still at it,

Embezzling the oil,

Pilfering the coal,

Boiling the skies,

Filling the oceans,

With their rubbish.

The thief of paradise,

Destroying his birth place,

Pilfering from his children’s future,

For his own selfish needs.

Me the hobgoblin poet,

Was once a human,

Until I was shown,

The errors of my ways,

My Giltwrights pointing me,

In the correct direction,

Of living with mother nature.

© 26/04/2022 rog leach

Riddle me this #dverse

thank you Bjorn at #dversepoetspub for the challenge of writing a riddle. i have never tried before. I will reveal the answer in the morning in the comments before I head for work.

My first riddle.

                                                 (no picture as it would give answer.)

Armageddon orange cloak,

Wraps around the sun.

Cold chill soaks into,

Light misty socks.

Luna light on the rise,

Dripping sleep into my eyes.

Bed bugs appetite triggered,

By their nightly alarm call.

Golden hour thrills,

Photographer’s artist.

© 21/04/2022 rogleach

Dreaming Dreams #poetics

What a great sounding book you found Linda. Here this evening we have had to chose a first line from a famous book, given to us by Linda who found a whole book full of opening lines to novels. I have gone with “for a long time. I used to go to bed early.” from Swann’s way written by Marcel Proust. #dverse #poetics #marcelproust

Dreaming dreams



“For a long time, I
used to go to bed early.”

dream dreams of my future.

For a long
time, I would rise early,

To work
at my dreams of future days.

For a
long time, I would not play,

of when I could in future days.

For a
long time now I have written,

Of the
dreams I dreamt of future days.

Now my
future days are spent,

making others dreams a reality.

My future
days are almost gone,

My days
have been wasted,

Now the
only dream left

Is that
when I am gone,

will love,

 the poems that,

I leave,


purple dreams

(c) 29/03/2022 rog leach

Coming of Age

hello #dversepoets here is part two of goblin sunset a poem i shared on the 22nd march.

watery sunset market.

(Goblin sunset part2)

I am the hobgoblin poet,

 One thousand years old,

An apprentice story teller,

To the master of the guild,

For 995 of those.

Master Jim Bob has passed,

Into the realm of the stars,

Starlorn now am I,

After seeking him,

 amid the stars,

for 995 minutes.

Apprentice no longer,

One thousand years,

As master I have become,

Now I must take an apprentice,

Schooling them at the,

Goblin sunset market.

Each month I shall,

Give them a tutorial,

A poet I became,

What of the apprentice I take?

Of amazement and awe,

A goblin child full,

Curiosity and wonder,

Will they become hobgoblin?

Hogboon or Boogart even.

What-ever they become,

A story teller or poet,

They will be each,

Goblin market,

An apprentice until,

I go to join the stars,

In a thousand years.

© 27/03/2022 rogleach