conkers bonkers #haibun

Thank you, Xenia Tran, for hosting tonight @ #dverse. and prompting us to write a September haiubun .

across the moor in autumn.

Conkers bonkers!

Across the moor to fun,

Children laughing kicking leaves,

Filling parent’s pockets with horse chestnut.

Grandparents enjoying their company.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows,

Watching conker championships,

(An English game played with horse chestnuts threaded onto string).

Craft filled tents selling their wares.

Back to grandparents’ home,

To find exploded jacket potatoes,

All over grandad’s oven,

Never forgotten for ten years and beyond.

One conker now tree,

Growing in my garden lawn,

Living reminder.

© 26/09/2022 rog leach

Graffiti #poem

Mind Blown

Warmly Invited
All Extra Terrestrials
Please Come Blow Our Minds.

Gusto #haiku

Monday gusto, no?

                              Spiteful depression kicks in

                              Cancel Mondays now!

© 16/8/21 rogleach

Phone face

 Phone always at face

Social media hooked up

Dashed by automobile

© 11/10/2021 rog leach

Parasite #haiku

Human parasites eat

Earth’s bounty dark, swallowed whole

nature dies screaming

(c) rogleach

©15/102021 rog leach


We corporate cogs

Follow our leader blindly

No individual.



Highs and lows. #Haibun

Written for the first meeting of poets and writers at the bar for # Dverse.

               Early December came with two pieces of news. First my 85-year-old aunt passed then I tested positive. Are we ever going to learn how to live with covid? It is not going anywhere. It is going to hang around like the common cold and the flu. My aunt’s funeral is still a week away as we wait for her middle son to get back into the country as he lives abroad. It will be good to see my cousin for the second time in ten years. But it should not have taken the death of his parents to see him. I have missed him.

               My ten-day isolation was spent reworking some of my scribblings. Some successful some not. My first novel was not added to but my open mic folder was refilled and tidied up. Out of isolation was spent with a limited family circle. But I am now well enough to have enjoy being treated to a London show by my sisters.

               Bob Marley the musical was the highlight of my festive period (see it if you can). I came home seeing the show to find the decorations packed away and waiting for me to put them away. So now tomorrow work begins for 2022.  No more dancing in the aisles of a theatre that a treasured memory to share with my sisters.

Bob left his music

A lesson in peace and love

Will we ever learn.

(c) 01/03/2022 rog leach

shelter #haibun

feed the world,

Today at #dversepoetspub mish has invited us to talk about shelter. something we all have the right to. but some of us have the means to earn our shelter removed.

Shelter #haibun.

Have you ever had the choice of eating or a roof over your head? Ever had to try and survive a month with only £10 for food? So, the shelter of a kindly relative offering a hot meal each day was a savour. I soon moved away from that toxic situation of low wages and high rent. I have empathy for those who are not able to do so. The private school boys who now run Britain are paddling this green and pleasant land down the river without a paddle.

Despite life having moved on here in England the fuel companies think they have the right to fleece their customers. Making huge profits while whole families go with out food and warmth. I am really concerned with the English governments attitude to class system. They have not the right to ignore the suffering of millions as they sit in their ivory towers swigging expensive wine.

© 29/08/2022 Rog Leach

Physco leaders reap,                            Fuel prices rise up,

Billionaires drain society,                    Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,

Families crushed.                                 Killed for wealth.

                    © 28/08/2022 Rog Leach /