the very first piece I ever read aloud in public

Visit to where I once belonged

Dust thick without age

Gloom where once was light

Bone white death where once I had life

Last of my kind when once I was many

Radioactive fallout killed once already

The need for money lost on me now

Mushroom cloud took that with my life

Man grew up in a flash

Now he is dead!!

the latest taboos

music of happiness

I no longer want/need my old dancing shoes

They were sold to the board of common sense.

When dancing became the latest taboo.

I no longer want/need my old pint glass

I smashed it with the bible of insanity

Sobriety the only insanity not now the latest taboo.

My coffee cup now grows a green fur coat

Caffeine highs only now for the ruling classes

Thinking now taboo for the lower classes

My guitar hero now hangs by his ankles

His double ankle noose wanted/needed by the caffeinated class

As the music of happiness now the latest taboo

I want/need my old life back

When thinking for myself was all the fun I needed/wanted

Let’s have the power crazed caffeine fuelled added to the list of the latest TABOO

Aug 2019

STIR quadrille#99

Corona the goddess of social media,

Corona stirs up her pilgrims,

Her pilgrims stir in fear,

Social media her many agitating implements,

Coronas pilgrims panic buying everything,

Stirred up by her social media,

I am no Corona pilgrim

Living outside her social media box.

© 9/3/2020 r leach

Quadrille #98 – Peelings, Nothing More…


Hello dVerse poets!

Recently a dear friend told me that her life feels like an onion. Just when she thinks her world has become fairly intact again, another layer loosens and breaks away, exposing a new challenge to face. I thought it was an effective analogy.  Darn, life is hard sometimes isn’t it? These “peelings” can leave us scarred but can also open us up to reveal the fibers of our being we didn’t know existed inside of us.

Today I offer you the word “peel” to include in your quadrille.

You may use it as a noun or a verb or play with it as a derivative….peelable, unpeelable. unpeeled.

You can “peel off” or “peel out”.

Are you a “peeler”? Do you save your peelings or throw them away?

So let’s get to it! No reason to sit back and watch the paint peel…hmm…or maybe that…

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            Bless the blackness of my love,

            Sing of the love in my black heart,

            My rock and roll life darkens my view,

            Of my wife’s wonderful words,

            Throttled by my drugs,

            Drowned in my booze,

            Extinguishing a million candles

            One by one by one.

            Black on white your view says,

            White on black says your word,

            But your lack of grey,

            Steals away my life’s’ motivation,

            Over complication of darkened thoughts,

            Cloud your true thoughts,

            Like flocks of paper planes adrift,

            In the true-blue sky of my mind,

            Dreaming of surfing the flesh,

            Of the groupie’s ample chest,

            Like all rock stars before me,

            Here I sit alone in the dark,

            Too much love to live,

            Too little to thrive,

            Not a dribble in the midmost.

© rog leach