Coffee and Cake

this was written for the prosery prompt on tonights #dversepub.

we are to use the line “If you are a dreamer, come in” taken from Shel Silversteins poem Invertation.

specil choc cake

Coffee and cake

At the end of the crumbling street, I found the curios coffee shop. Named “If you are a dreamer”. Come in said the sign hung on the entrance how could I abstain.

Into the steam loaded room, whiffing of coffee and cake I am pulled. Shop owner installed crossed leg on bean bag in the corner. Crumbs in his whiskers a faraway look haunting his eyes.

The hippy on counter service asks “Are you a dreamer?”

“And a poet as well.” I replied.

“Chocolate cake with your chia it is then?” hippy asks. “pick a bean bag and get comfy my dear poet. The guru awaits you in his dream.”

One mouthful and I am floating into the guru’s dream. Finding love, peace and an end to war.

Humanities dystopia ends here! Physical bodies needed no more to exist.

Eutopia awaits here for all!

© 12/04/2021  rogleach


i have attempted to flip one of my own poems. for the propmt at #dversepoets

ice demon is the result of trying to flip fire angel which i have included again here. it was an earlier poem from my blog.


I am the ice demon

freezing those who avoid my touch

I freeze only those full of love

I am the ice demon

goodbye lepricorn my heart was yours

your heart i have frozen

freed from a trap

on the sun filled afternoon

of a cheery friday 13th

the lepricorn i shall miss.


I am the fire angel

I will burn any who touch me

I only touch those full of malice

I am the fire angel

Hello hobgoblin my next lost soul

You are my next touch

I am the fire angel

A trap I have set on full moon night

Of Friday 13th

The hobgoblin I shall burn

(c) september 2019

whinging and wining

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Fast feast of grape,

Wine if you must,

Vine of malicious aspirations,

Merlot, chardonnay and beyond.

Whinge about wine,

Gripe about grape,

My carcass does,

Mulled over grape gripes me.

The fermented grape’s tomfoolery

Sulphates do exasperate my nose,

Sneezes from conk do follow.

©5/4/2021 rogleach

written for tonigts dverse poets pub quadrille prompt about wine. I have not tasted wine i a number of years as i now have an allergy to it. i come out in hayfever symptoms if i do now due to overdoing the wine at a young age.

Lost Blossom

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Tonight on dverse we have been asked to write a haiburn about cherry blossom.

On route to school back in the 1980’s. To a school now vamoosed.

I would stroll along a street named Cherry Orchard. Each front garden holding a tree from the past. The orchard long since gone.

I still pass the street on my way to work. But the trees are all gone, gone, gone.

I miss the blossom on the street every spring. But there are plenty of others aroud the own.

Cherry blossom gone,

No blossom, no spectacle,

Cherry tree missed.

© rogleach 29/3/2021