I AM UN_HEARD #poemsoflonely

lonely tree

I am a member of the great un-herd,

I am talking go those who,

Are not heeding these words,

Alone in the crowd which believes I belong,

But I am off the great disregarded gang,

Talking to those who chose what they hear,

Not what is spoken to them,

Alone I stand in the herd,

them believing I believe as they,

But all I am is the lowly unheeded,

Lynched I would be if ever they truly listened,

Feeding me their nonsense thinking I know no better

Goodbye to the swarm in which I do not belong,

One day to find my utopia!!

© 11/19 rog leach

© 2nd draft 18/07/2022 rog leach

Lonely Stream.

hello dverse poets. today we have been prompted to write a quadrille (a poem of 44 words) using the word stream.


i have also included the word “lonely” from #FOWC with fandagos one word challenge.


blue stream

Lonely Stream!

My lonely stream of words,

Flows on over deaf ears,

This my lonely stream of words,

Springs from my ravaged heart,

This My lonely demoralised stream of words,

Rolls on past ignorant bystanders.

My lonely stream of words,

Reaches this river of refined bards.

© 26/07/21 rogleach