Idle day #dverse, #prosery.

tonight at the #dverse poets pub we have been challenge with a 144 word prose which is to include a Wordsworth line. “And bring no book,for this one day we’ll give to idleness.”

Here i reflect upon life
Idle reflections

Idle day afloat!

               I awoke to the plop of an invitation landing on my head. It read “To the boat we go and bring no book, for this day we’ll give to idleness.” I had dreamt of this day and did not want to go. For I have the ability of prediction.

This was my first prediction and the only one about myself. All of those which followed had come to be. I had absolutely no choice but to attend the Idle boat for it was my work place. Where I sold my books of prediction for a pretty penny.

               I had sold my last book yesterday wondering why I had not dreamt in such a long time. Now I knew. For today was the last of my childhood and tomorrow I would marry the owner of Prophecy the 70ft canal barge. An illiterate I shall become.

© 17/01/2022 rog leach