Bed time stories of #Draco.

For tonight’s 144 word prosery challenge I attempted to write Draco and Persephone’s legend.

including the line given “Through the deep caves of thought I hear a voice that sings” from The chambered Nautilus by American fireside poet At tonight’s #Dversepoetspub.

The bedtime tale of Draco and Persephone.

                              The home fires are burning in England after the great gas and electricity rip-off of 2022. Parents tell their children the tale of Draco and Persephone around candle lit evening meals, backlit by wood fired stoves.

Fathers deep voice normally starts with “Through the deep caves of thought I hear a voice that sings! Songs of love over many millennia.”

Then Mother all sweet and light “They sang to each other; in the letters they wrote. Fighting the venom and hate towards their kind.”

Father whispers “Draco and Persephone sold out their only child, to live forever!”

Mother asks “Can we live forever dear Father?”

Father replies “Only if our children stay awake every night. Draco and Persephone became vampires because their son was a night owl, who never slept!”

Mother “Only sleep and love can save you now, children. Goodnight my Dears”

© 15/08/2022 rog leach

goodnight children

Draco last words


thank you Laura for hosting #Dversepub this evening with words of departure. I have been wondering how to say goodbye to Draco and Persephone. your prompt reminded me of Roy Batty’s last words “All moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.” atop that rain soaked roof.

Blade Runner is a favourite film of mine, thank you Ridley Scott and co. and thank yo Phillip K Dick for the book it was based upon.

Dear Persephone,

A reminder of how we met,

watching the mighty,

 Blade Runner,

in a dark room smelling’

of sweat and popcorn.

“All those moments

 will be lost,

In time,

Like tears in rain”.

Said Roy Batty

Atop that roof.

Since I lost you,

To the last sunrise,

Trapped by chance,

That is all I hear,

Your voice in the rain.

So, atop this roof,

I stand passive and alone,

 In the Morning’s rain,

Without you I,

Cannot be,

I leave this behind,

As I wait to,

feel the last,

Ray of sun to,

 touch my face.!!!

Together forever,


last sunrise

©14/06/2022 rog leach

Draco’s feast

tonight at #Dversepub we are talking food in a poetic form. my vampire couple are out, out celebrating.

My dearest Draco,

I wish to share,

Lucifer’s favourite tucker,

 with you my dear,

In remembrance.

Sharing our devotion,

Sharing our eternity,

Sharing our passions,

Sharing our bloodlust,

For our son’s memory.

The dark kings tucker,

Will flow from royal veins,

To celebrate,

Our anniversary,

When we became.

Your widow.

feast moon

Dear Persephone,

You bring the starter,

I’ll bring the main,

Your company the pudding.

Sharing our devotion,

Sharing our eternity,

Sharing our passions,

Sharing our bloodlust,

For our son’s memory.

We will be royal,

When our feast is over,

The eldest left of our kind,

Last Human royal blood,

A fitting tribute,

To our son.

My widow I eternally adore you,


© 10/05/2022 rog leach

persephones words #draco

tonight at #dverse we have been prompted by Lillian to write a poem inspired by adages/proverbs.

#poetics, #draco, #darklove

Dear Persephone,

It has been an age,

Since last we wrote,

Your words I have missed,

I never know what you shall write.

So here I shall share,

Some you sent to me,

All which shows I still know not

What you shall say.

hand wriitten blood heart


You hankering for blood

Cajoles me to you

Here I am offering you

From your letter dated 9/3/21


Found Lazuli’s grave have I,

My self-loathing a slippery slope,

We sold his morrows for what?

Slanted melancholy morals awakened.

From your letter dated 10/7/21.

Your words build upon our dark love.

Never shall I guess what comes next.

From the box of chocolates, that are your letters.


©22/2/22 rogleach

we were given a list of proverbs and adages to pick from i chose “life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you are going to get. ” from the film Forrest Gump.

first meeting #history, #draco.

strange how we stamp and attach such feeling to inanamte objects. tonight at dverse we are invited to write about passions stamped on lifeless things.

My dearest Persephone,

 Asleep here today waiting the moonrise.

A craving for you.

Burns my heart as fiercely

 as the day we met under

 nelsons column.

The 52 meters of granite,

and bronze always will be,

 The birth place of our love.

1843 as Horatio’s monument opened.

My then human heart jumped,

From my puny chest as I saw you,

Dressed in black with raven

Hair cascading down your back.

I discovered passion

 under the scrutiny,

Of that cast lump of bronze,

Standing atop marble tower.

My heart breaks every day,

I sleep alone and dream,

Of the day you stole my soul.

Forever Draco.

© 07/12/2021 rogleach