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strange how we stamp and attach such feeling to inanamte objects. tonight at dverse we are invited to write about passions stamped on lifeless things.

My dearest Persephone,

 Asleep here today waiting the moonrise.

A craving for you.

Burns my heart as fiercely

 as the day we met under

 nelsons column.

The 52 meters of granite,

and bronze always will be,

 The birth place of our love.

1843 as Horatio’s monument opened.

My then human heart jumped,

From my puny chest as I saw you,

Dressed in black with raven

Hair cascading down your back.

I discovered passion

 under the scrutiny,

Of that cast lump of bronze,

Standing atop marble tower.

My heart breaks every day,

I sleep alone and dream,

Of the day you stole my soul.

Forever Draco.

© 07/12/2021 rogleach

Cheers Bjorn.

Over at Dverse tonight we ae saying a HUGH thank you to Bjorn for his efforts over the years at #Dverse poets pub. we are to include a line from ABBA,s Dancing queen. i have gone with the line “leave ’em burning and then your gone.”

Dear Draco,

“leave ‘em burning and then your gone”.

Leaving your rivals out in the morning sun.

Just to woo me and win my hand.

So together we will “leave ‘em burning then you’re gone”

with me. My king off darkness

bathing in your sea of blood

sharing your sea of blood for eternity.

Your Dancing Queen


© 30/11/2021 rogleach


Draco’s island home time at #dverse #poets tonight thanks to De. I got thinking is I was invited to a vampires house warming party what I expect to find going down at such a groovy gig and wouls I have the courage to complete with garland of garlic bottle of holy water (It’s rude not to take a bottle and snacks to a party) and the party game of spin the stake.


 Victoriana Island invites you

 To spend an eternal night.

 Grooving with us commemorating

 our final resting place.

Come enjoy, Blood baths.

Pirouetting the dead.

Surrounded by, Boiling seas of blood.

Prance Across rotten walkways

Bringing your melancholy mood,

and groove with

Draco and Persephone.

© 06/09/2021 Rog Leach

Lucy’s Draco

This was inspired by lucy’s poem dreamscape posted on her lucy and co blog.

Hi my dearest Draco,

           Sedentary forlorn am I, In the caves of Ceves,

My father’s company, I keep this winter,

Dreaming of your, Wicked fanged sneer,

Bringing brightness, To my melancholy.

My father’s company, I keep this winter,

My father reading aloud from, Lucy’s work and co.

Dreamscape under his influence even the earth Trembles and quakes.

Dreaming of your wicked fanged sneer

As he reaches

“Have you ever noticed the clouds, would be a great place to hide a body.”

The skies rain blood.

Bringing brightness, To my melancholy,

Just to tease my hunger for your passions,

That awaits my summer Reunited in your, Arms.

Cannot wait

Eternally Persephone

©25/08/2021 rog leach

Dark Widow named

written in response to #dverse poets pub poetics prompt on persephone.

enraged mother

Dearest Draco harvester’s son,

Here I sit at the grave of my rancid parents,

You hated mothers’ socially corrosive snobbery,

Fathers’ god like morals belittled everyone else,

The very reasons my love for you blossomed.

You hated mothers’ corrosive snobbery,

An over protective curse, out to divide our love,

She hated your low born human status.

Fathers’ god like morals belittled everyone else,

Playing into mothers’ caustic snobbery,

Both trying to steal man’s future happiness.

The very reasons my love for you blossomed,

You defence of me from my rancid parents,

Killing them we did together.

Your dark widow Persephone.

My dearest Persephone (my black widow)

Your marriage to me was your escape,

Your escape from a possessive mother,

Your mothers curse of undead aimed at all men,

Our son Lazuli born in the cave of Ceves.

Your escape from a possessive mother,

The reason for my undead curse

Pomegranate’s curse driving my blood lust.

Your mothers curse of undead aimed at all men,

You joining me in the undead dominion,

The only way way to keep Lazuli human.

Our son Lazuli born in the cave of Ceves,

Under duress of your possessive parents,

Killing your parents, Saving Lazuli from becoming undead.

All my eternal love Draco.

© 3/8/2021 rogleach