Heckled Guilt

Tonight at the dverse poets pub Ingirid invited us to take a look at pain in poetry. I have gone with the pang of guilt i felt at putting a heckler down at an open mic. I have suffered at the hands of bullies a lot in my life and even now i still feel guilty at standing up to them. i know i should not but i cannot fight my inner empath.

Stood up front at open mic,

To share our home planets pain,

At our greedy ways.


Repugnant quip hurled,

Pendulous silence thwacks

The clamour from the room.


Mind Lost in fleeting shock untill,

Heckler put down uttered in irritation,

Heckler mocked and muzzled.  


My poetry set concluded,

Empathy thrusts into being,

Why My guilt trip kicks in,

 at my uttering of heckler put down.

early opn mic

© 12/10/2021 rogleach

7 thoughts on “Heckled Guilt

  1. It sounds like the heckler deserved it, but I can also understand the feeling of empathy. It can sometimes lead people to think we are weak and try to bully us, when really this is the truest form of strength, to feel for those who cause us pain. Pain always teaches us something about ourself.

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  2. Hecklers have absolutely no business interrupting people who come to perform on stage. They deserve to be put down. 💝💝

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