Ice maiden

today @ #dversepoets pub it is quadrille day where Mish has left us with the word “ICE” to work with. Winter can be an icy madam to cope with.

ice prongs of love

Ice maiden 44!!

#Quadrille, #dverse.

She dances on thin ice,

This frosty winter maiden,

Leaving me frozen flowers,

Trying to steal springs warmth.

Her detached heart craving,

Coveting the warmth of love,

But she knows passion,

Will melt her cold core,

On first day of spring,

Her heart melts.

©23/01/2023 rog leach

Inner cold

house boats

Inner cold!

#dverse, #morningride #bluemonday

Losing my inner warmth,

Crisp callous morning air,

Welcomes my nostrils,

Reminding my drowsy body,

That winter still rules.

Crispy lawns and frozen puddles,

Greet me as I ride out,

Of suburbia into,

 Open fields of frost,

Chilling my fingers as I start.

Mist filled valley beckons,

Hiding frozen canal,

Trains’ muffled rumbling,

 Drifts up from within,

The freezing mist ready to engulf.

Past house boats spewing coal smoke,

Warm windows shockingly inviting,

Legs feeling like glacial bulks,

Knees craving summers warmth,

Train thunders past, sparks flying.

under the thunder of traffic.

Under rail bridge, under road bridge,

Past empty lifeless village hall,

Pubs likewise closed until lunch,

Cold shutter door, padlocks frozen shut,

Hot coffee awaits inside once door unlocked.

© 17/01/2023 rog leach

Thanks to Sanaa at #dverse for suggesting we write about winter in this poetic prompt. I have written about the cold freezing fog I had to ride through a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed the poem Lines for winter by Mark Strand that you shared that is where the idea for mine was sparked.

Boldly belonging. #quadrille

#dversepoetspub. #belonging

This was the very first of my poems I read aloud to a room full of strangers, back in October of 2018. Now 4 years and four months ago. now those strangers are my friends.


#Quadrille, #dverse.


Hands shaking, stomach turning,

Four years and four months since,

 First venture to share my poetry.


Learning still how to poem,

Building a boulder of work,  

Will my hands ever,

Cease shaking?

When sharing aloud.

© 09/01/2023 rogleach

DARK ANGELS(of the Tiki, guild)

#dversepoetspub, #openlinknight.

The dark angel of doubt,

Frolics on my black heart strings,

Will they be ready, ready to receive us,

In the land of art and crafts,

The homeless word angels once of Tiki’s coffee house.

Photo by Daria Obymaha on

The hub promises to be our new place.

Our place of shared words and light.

These dark word angels,

Off this guild will always be,

Like Yin and yang flowing,

Forever around each other,

Keeping each other vigorous.

The forlorn angels playing with my mind,

Blocking my mind, keeping it vacant,

When I pick up my pen.

 My pen always knows you are there,

Forlorn angel of doubt,

Pushing and shoving the dark angel into the light,

Helping me find my words again.

Mark this page with a broken heart,

The 49th story of the guild,

We gave Tiki’s a classy farewell,

Here we are one before fifty,

Starting anew with hope for the future.

 © 30th Dec 2022 rogleach

Written for the last prompt given out in company of the Tiki’s coffee shop guild in the very coffee shop it is named after,

the coffee shop having closed just before Christmas

the group is presently waiting for work to be completed on our new meeting and sharing place after a burst pipe flooded the local art hub. this was planned to be shared on sat Jan 7th.


tonight @ #dversepoetspub Merril is talking about the New York lists and has asked for us to pick from a list of pod cast titles she has found on one of these lists.

the titles to pick from are.

articles of interest: American Ivy.

I was never there,

legacy of speed,

not lost,


reveal: after Ayotzinapa

rumble strip,


the American life,

ghost of the blurbs.

#dverseppoetspub, #poetics


#Dversepoetspub, #trinet.

dark love

I was,

Never there,

Eating dinner at the Rumble Strip,

A legacy of speed dating mayhem,

Not lost,

Happy without,

Bad feelings.

© 03/01/2023 rog leach

This is my first attempt at a Trinet poem. A form I discovered today, at #teachmetuesdays on twitter. The form consists of seven lines

(cantered)  first two lines 2 words, 3rd and 4th lines six words and last three lines 2 words each.