This is not a pad and pen…..


This pad and pen helps me escape dro the drudgery of factory life.

This pen the key, this pad the door.

Together they are a porthole to anywhere.

Poems of love, hate and hearts lost.

Stories of princesses kidnapped by ogres.

Songs sung by musicians, making the world dance.

Giving words to actors to share on this world’s stages.

Even taking rocket ship rides to worlds unchareted.

Tgis pad and pen can take you anywhere your imagination dare goes.

Strange smiles

Strange smiles

Strangers are wicked people

Smiles ugly out in the rain

Strangers faces unwanted

Smiling strangers non faces

Strange when you’re a stranger

Smiling faces unwanted

Strange people are ugly wicked


A Pleiades poem Written under the influence of The Doors.



#dversepub prosery prommt

Today (07/12/2020) at the poets pub we have been given the prompt of writning a piece of proseryin no more than 144 words. using the line “Reading what i have just written , i now beleive.”

Doomscrolling warning (almost prose, close to truth)

Doomscrolling? I hear you ask?

Compolsively scrolling through social media for bad news>

The preasent virus crisis has had a lot of people around me doomscrolling.

Some carrying a panic made worse.

Others telling me “Reading what I have just written , I now beleive in my own conspiracy theory.”

So to combat this I myself have spent the lost days Doomscrolling.

Finding and deleting as much the gobbeldygook from the internet history of those I care about.

So i have written this almost prose piece to warn against prose you will find.

Do not let doomscrolling bamboozle or frazzle your common sense.

Stay calm, Keep clear headed Do not Doomscroll and stay safe.

7/12/2020 rogleach