Heckled Guilt

Tonight at the dverse poets pub Ingirid invited us to take a look at pain in poetry. I have gone with the pang of guilt i felt at putting a heckler down at an open mic. I have suffered at the hands of bullies a lot in my life and even now i still feel guilty at standing up to them. i know i should not but i cannot fight my inner empath.

Stood up front at open mic,

To share our home planets pain,

At our greedy ways.


Repugnant quip hurled,

Pendulous silence thwacks

The clamour from the room.


Mind Lost in fleeting shock untill,

Heckler put down uttered in irritation,

Heckler mocked and muzzled.  


My poetry set concluded,

Empathy thrusts into being,

Why My guilt trip kicks in,

 at my uttering of heckler put down.

early opn mic

© 12/10/2021 rogleach

Seasoned cadralor

tonight at Dverse Bjorn set a challenging prompt (it was for me) to write a new form which i have not encountered before. thank you for stretching my mind after a grey day.

  1. Yellow trumpets pull my eye to the soil,

Arousing my drowsy inner being,

From months of grey inertia.

  • Breakfast alfresco enjoyed river side,

Good company of friends fused in tête-à-tête,

Brewing schemes for next jamboree.

  • Picking brambles for juice and jam,

Baking bramble treat tarts for sharing,

Endearing small witches knocking for treats.

  • Dark evenings snuggled fireside with loved ones,

Divulging treasured stories to our children’s children,

Of their parents’ youthful adventures.

  • I rejoice in the seasons early embrace,

Feeling blessed in their new beginnings,

As they replenish the preceding phase.

(c) 07/10/2021 rog leach

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Dverse praise #Dverse

ttonight on dverse i have discovered yet another gnre of poetry called “pangyeric” her is my first attempt. i may not have caught this poetry ball correctly. but we do all need to stretch oursrlves in order to improve.

rose tinted specs

Dverse Praise

My inhibitions lost at the Dverse poets pub,

As poets in abundance murmur in my mind’s eye,

Adding rose tinted specs to my imagination,

Dverse poets showing me the way,

To my poetic wonderland.

Feeling small in the manifestation

Of such gracefully poetic company,

As I marvel in amazement just how much,

These Dverse bards have to reveal to me.

Dragging me out of insanities shadows.

©05/10/2021 rogleach

Future Harvest(extract)

The first thing i ever tried to write was a novel based around the diary entries of three main characters. set in the future looking at the effects of the AIDS virus on vampires. it had stalled at 30,000 words and been forgotten about (for 20 years) untill the first lock down here in England. now standing at 76,000 plus all it needs is a convincing middle. tonights Haibun at Dverse gave me the idea of adding a Haiku to an entry to a musicans diary ( John Eccles one of the main characters) entry to kick start start his song writting. #writersblock, #dverse

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

John Eccles: – Eight hours of sitting in a room of grief. That’s how long it took to get to speak with each of the families of those who dies at the hands of Eddy. That’s it our legal representative has informed us of the legal action being taken against us. We are no longer able to legally perform to a live audience. As we there is no market for recorded music since the streaming revolution any more that is us done as a band. We are going to stay together as we are family for most of our members.

            The writer’s block I am suffering has broken. The grief this has brought on is cursing through me waking the song writer in me while bringing my heart down to one of life’s low points. With the following haiku making the chorus to my next song. Hopefully this will express our regreat over not giving Eddy enough support in these hard times.

(c) aug 2021

Oh, Why Eddy why?

Took Tumbleweed to hell with you.

After our love famine!

(c) 27/9/2021

I am Incy

At #dversepoets pub this evening we have been prompted to write from the perspective of a creepy crawley.

I am Incy

Hu-man’s come, Hu-man’s go,

They cannot do static.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to pounch.

On my male

Hu-man’s talk, Hu-man’s shout.

They cannot do quiet.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting for my meals

To pull my leg

Hu-man’s taste, Hu-man’s waste

They cannot be orderly

I am Incy Waiting

Waiting for my hatchlings.

To feast on their first meal.

Hu-man’s switch, Hu-man’s make bright

They cannot do darkness.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to be eaten

I am my babies first m………….

©14/09/2021 rogleach

i can see you