Garden Repose

#FOWC #repose

dverse have invited us into the garden. beware gnaugty gnomes below.

gnome trouble

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,

The gnomes have taken over,

 The garden needs a repose,

The calm it has been broken,

The gnomes have taken over,

Their hooligan ways a menace,

All the flowers they have trampled,

All the weeds they have planted,

All the gardeners hard work undone,

Reinstating nature’s bounty,

Who repose is this?

that the gnomes fight for!

© 13/7/2021 rog leach

33 thoughts on “Garden Repose

  1. Hahah – what a fun write. I guess the garden gnomes could all tell their own story. I once had a horse in my garden which caused quite a desaster – smiles. Oh and they also plant the weeds… ha – someone should have told me this before. We call them Gartenzwerge in german

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  2. Haha. I love it. I so wanted to write a gnome poem. My first scribbles today were of one but it never turned into anything. So who do you call to take out the gnomes? Pesky little buggers. 🙂

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  3. LOL. I am a senior and I recently moved into seniors housing where there are gnomes in the garden. LOL. They crack me up. I leave them, since someone put them there at some point and they must have liked them. But….gnomes!

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