Double Whammy

Part one (with a line * taken from night time hunger by Sanaa Rizvi)

          The dragon lady hangry at midnight,

          Whispers of pickled people stored,

          *“And though pickles are magnetic for my tastebuds,

          I’d rather savour the tastelessness of what the Earth’s rain bestowed.”

          Ignoring the whispers makes me hangry,

          My true identity as a dragon must not


Part Two. (bells, whistles, scream and Whammy)

          Screaming for discharge

          The dragon whistling from within

It’s human body dungeon,

Clandestine within for millennia,

Then with peeling bells,

Whamming back into,

Human perception.

Liberated from archaic dungeons.

© 07/09/2021 Rogleach

dragons eye

17 thoughts on “Double Whammy

  1. This is absolutely stellar writing, Rog! The quote feels like it’s made for this poem 😀 blending in so well with the tone and style. Especially love; ” The dragon whistling from within/It’s human body dungeon,/ Clandestine within for millennia,” thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝💝

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