Hangry at the open


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Photo by Erkan Utu on Pexels.com

Hangry heart at the open,

Hangry for live music,

My hearts craving the company,

The company of life.

The company of life,

Makes me hangry

For live music

Here at the wharf’s open mic

My hangry heart finds soul.

Finds fulfilment

In music’s company


33 thoughts on “Hangry at the open

  1. I was gonna gently let you know about a couple of typos, but now that I know this was spilled live while listening to live music, the typos are part of the jive for me. An in-the-moment groove that need not be improved. A rift of rhythm. Perfect.

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  2. Love this, makes me wish we can feel that carefree again. Makes me think back to a small music festival I went in 2018, and this woman played a one man band with her guitar (along with loop pedals). I now only prefer her version of “Down Under”, it was just that good. Love, love, love how this poem made me remember and reflect on that. Beautifully written!

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  3. kaykuala

    My hangry heart finds soul.
    Finds fulfilment
    In music’s company

    If music be the food of love, yes, it can resolve lots of little restrains. It is a matter of choice. Wonderful write Rob!


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  4. I so enjoyed this one! Especially love; “Here at the wharf’s open mic my hangry heart finds soul. Finds fulfilment.” Brilliant write 💝💝

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