My Murderd Muse!

This evening we have been invited to share a poem about our muse. I have gone with a poem I wrote back in 2019 when as in a dark place and beleived I would never get any of my scribblings heard. with a lot of encouragement from my local poetry group my confidence has inproved. so here it is just for the poets at #DVERSE. A little self belief goes along way.

 My Murdered Muse

Ripped from your womb,

          With a rusty boat hook,

          Was my beloved muse,

          By my lazy hand.

          A drive by shooting,

          By a small-minded fool,

          To kill my wonderful muse,

          On order my lazy head.


 The fools they will never,

 Know what I have lost,

Never listening to the,

          Heaving of their hearts.

          To make others smile,

          You my muse were my best,

          Lost now to make way for nothing,

          BUT ABUSE.

          Too tired to use my muse,

          Do I love you enough my muse?

          To save you from lives,

 Stomp, stomp, stomping feet

          The night breeze takes me no longer,

          To writing in a screen lit dark room,

          The muse lays murdered,

In my minds bottom draw,

          Left dark, hidden no longer loved.

© 2019 rogleach

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