Granny Smith

this was wrritten for tonights #dverse fruity promt supplied tonight by KImm881. this juicy prompt has brought back a very happy memory

The clouds gather

Looming over grey gloom

This cities market alive with noise

Single sunbeam highlights

Trays of shiny green apples

Granny smith shouted the label.

Photo by RP Photography on

Granny smith sniggered her grandchildren

One each gran bought, just to watch

The sharp and sour dancing on young tongues

As this bunch crunched and munched with glee

Juice smothered smiles giving poetic joy

To our very own Granny Smith.

Every bite of every granny smith apple

Brings back grans sly smile

At our sour apple faces

That day my first

Taste of a granny smith apple.

In the gloom looming over us that day.

© 1/6/2021 rogleach

29 thoughts on “Granny Smith

  1. This is incredibly poignant! I especially admire; “One each gran bought, just to watch the sharp and sour dancing on young tongues.” 🙂

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  2. My grandmother and my mother only ever bought Granny Smiths, whereas I am a Royal Gala kind of girl. Your Granny Smith poem has brought back memories for me too, Rog. Fruit and veg stalls are special places for me, in London, Cologne and Ireland. The ones on the market in the centre of Norwich are wonderful, but I haven’t visited them since before the pandemic, so we’re stuck with supermarket groceries. I love the way you brought the market to life with the contrast of sky and market, the noise and single sunbeam that highlights the trays of shiny green apples, and the sensory delight of ‘sharp and sour dancing on young tongues’ together with the crunching and munching.

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