Lost Blossom

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Tonight on dverse we have been asked to write a haiburn about cherry blossom.


On route to school back in the 1980’s. To a school now vamoosed.

I would stroll along a street named Cherry Orchard. Each front garden holding a tree from the past. The orchard long since gone.

I still pass the street on my way to work. But the trees are all gone, gone, gone.

I miss the blossom on the street every spring. But there are plenty of others aroud the own.

Cherry blossom gone,

No blossom, no spectacle,

Cherry tree missed.

© rogleach 29/3/2021

11 thoughts on “Lost Blossom

  1. luv the “school vamoosed” phrase
    I remember after many many years going to see my Primary school only to see a waste land
    The school has now been relocated

    Happy Monday

    much love…

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  2. Miss the dogwood tree blooms from home, although there’s much more yellow and purple here. Something about their fragrance, too, that can’t be replicated. Enjoyed your Haibun this evening.

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