shadows calling

I have spent most of my life

Shrouded in the fringes of society

Concealed from humanities tribal nature.

Cut away from the flock

Left behind because I

Do not follow this tribes

 religion of sport

My poetry deposits me

In the shadows

THE WIERDO frolicking to the rhythms

Of my own heat beat

My psyche on a knifes edge

My words my safety net

Stopping me slinking over

the edge into insanity

my poetry is my edge, my fringe, my being

2/3/2021 rogleach

thank you dverse poetry pub for another prompt really got my juices flowing

15 thoughts on “FRINGE

  1. Oh I so enjoyed this! I think of today’s masculine image of the guy interested in sports, even if he doesn’t play them. Yep. My grandson is one who does not follow that and one would think, with his cello and piano and loving nature that he’d be on the fringe. But he has a group of friends (albeit now mainly meeting on Zoom) who all have like interests…a different “tribe”? Poetry is a good fringe to filter into, in my opinion 🙂

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