breakfast setting

Breakfast setting

Dreary Friday breakfast before me

White and frigid outside

Warm bed beckons and mocks me

But work has hollered with a summons

Coffee machine hums, vibrates and steams

Offering warmth with a caffeine kick

Last time this week leaving my bed early

Out into the cold and frosty

I must trek

Good morning one

Good morning all

Stay safe

Stay well

© rog leach 12/2/21

written the dverse’s prompt settings

Meeting the Bar: Setting

9 thoughts on “breakfast setting

  1. Nice one, Rog! I love the contrast between the ‘White and frigid outside’ and the warm bed inside, and the description of the coffee machine has me about to leap up and switch on the machine!

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  2. Thanks Rog, stay safe and well yourself! I have had to do the school run for the first time in 14 weeks this week so I am looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow 🙂

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