Weary Bones

this was written for the #dverse promp on monday 18th jan 2021 suggesting we use a line from a poem by mary oliver. the line fitted with an idea of trying to write a piece from the point of view of a medical proffesional during the difficult timess we find ourselves in. stay safe all and please take care of the carers.


Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy. Between earth and sky in the burnt orange horizon my mind says goodbye. But this is my last sunset! Life just is rose tinted or whiskey hazed, just depending on the company you keep.

My weary bones sometimes heavy with a duty of care to the rest of humanity. Aching for release from the love in my heart. When those in my care get to the other side of the corona virus, their families rejoice but forget about me.

Every time I lose a patient the great bones of my life crumble to dust. I can never view my time as an intensive care nurse through rose tinted specs. The golden glow the world shows is whiskey coloured!

As I stand atop the hospital wanting to jump!

 Save our medical staff from weary bones!

18/1/2021rog leach


19 thoughts on “Weary Bones

  1. My son just retired as a respiratory therapist, so the words here resonate with me. Let us hope the vaccine sees us to the other side.

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  2. ouch hauntingly evocative, pray our medical staff are better supported than that! But I am quite sure they are pushed to their limits physically and emotionally 😦
    It must be so hard to lose so many patients, death takes a harder toll than those who heal and go home …

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  3. What a poignant revelation of the pressures faced by those who go unnoticed! Sadly, many medical professionals do become alcoholics, and sadly many suffer from depression exactly as you describe. Very well done!

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  4. Yes, I think a lot of medical staff must be feeling this right now. I love your observation ‘Life just is rose tinted or whiskey hazed, just depending on the company you keep.’ Hard to see light at the end of the tunnel but I believe it’s still there.

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  5. I know from my sister-in-law, who is a nurse, how hard it is to keep going in the current situation – it was hard before but now it is nigh on impossible, with medical staff working 13-hour shifts, often longer. I hope your character didn’t jump.

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  6. “Life just is rose tinted or whiskey hazed, just depending on the company you keep.” Such a truism in these words. And then you go on with the pain and difficulty faced by so many health care workers for almost a year now…and no real end in sight. I cannot even imagine being an ICU nurse or dr in these times.

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