Music Dab

i have been missing live music this weekend. that is actually an understatment. I HAVE BEEN CRAVING LIVE MUSIC. There i said it so for this quadrille i had no choice but to write a #quadrille on the subject.

drummer rhytm

Music dab

Dab, Tap, Dab of the drummer’s dancing rhythm,

Tap, Twang, Tap, of my jigging dusty shoes,7

Twang, Ping, Twang of the weeping guitar strings,

Ping, Thump, Thump of my heart beats,

Dab, Dab, leaping into poetic lyrics,

Cannot wait

To hear

Live music again!!!!!

© 11/1/2021 rogleach

12 thoughts on “Music Dab

  1. Very nicely done! It is sad not to be able to connect socially with live music… Hopefully by the end of the summer we can start getting back to some of this. Guess we will have to start up the Hootenanny singalongs again!

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  2. I know what you mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my friends and his band played down at the pub every month or so at open mike and a group of us would go down to listen. Oh how I miss those times 😦 Thanks for the mini blog tune.

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