Sedation of the Senses

Sedated for fandangos #FOWC

Take a break for #RDP

Take a break they said,

Sedation of the senses,

They offered for my woes,

Sit, eat, drink and sleep,

No stimulation to be found,

Isolated from the world,

Thanks to one word,


smile your on my page

Positive not,

Senses sedated,

Break taken,

Against will,

Mind broken,

Body lethargic,

One more day,

Then I’m free.

© 20/7/2021 rogleach

Fetch my Solstice


Photo by Drift Shutterbug on

This year in southern England the summer solstice is a washed out soggy affair and feels like summer hass been stolen. Gray clouds dribble and drizzle inbetween the down poursof rain. both my kids grown and out doing their own thing making me feel older than i am. Wanting out from the grease filled brick box where i work to find some sunshine and a sea view.

My family are at an inbetween stage the children grown up but not enough to be self supporting yet. the gray skies getting me down as i sulk and grave the sun of a real summer solstice.

Fetch my solistice

Goodbye long nights waiting

Suns warmth missing.