I am Incy

At #dversepoets pub this evening we have been prompted to write from the perspective of a creepy crawley.

I am Incy

Hu-man’s come, Hu-man’s go,

They cannot do static.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to pounch.

On my male

Hu-man’s talk, Hu-man’s shout.

They cannot do quiet.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting for my meals

To pull my leg

Hu-man’s taste, Hu-man’s waste

They cannot be orderly

I am Incy Waiting

Waiting for my hatchlings.

To feast on their first meal.

Hu-man’s switch, Hu-man’s make bright

They cannot do darkness.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to be eaten

I am my babies first m………….

©14/09/2021 rogleach

i can see you




I scry what my heart desires,

Mary stands at avenues funnel end,

Her common sense tells her heart

Not to fall and decry my scry,

Still years later when my

scry comes to pass,

I still see her in the frame

for my crime of loving her.

My heart may mend,

If see starts to accept,

That which I predicted,

Of her death at the hand of another.

© rogleach 15/8/2021