strawberry patch

tonight Frank is hosting at #dversepoetspub and he has asked us to write a haibun about memory

Strawberry patch.

The strawberry patch of my younger years held joy. Those little white flowers low to the ground as it warms up in May. A prelude to bowlfuls of juicy red fruit for topping breakfast cereal. For having smothered in ice cream after school. Memory of the hot, hot summer of 1976.

Before school emptying watering cans around fruit and veg plants. After school Mum throwing empty bowls at me, my siblings and childhood friends, fill these up from the patch. Me on strawberries, siblings on veg and friends on anything ready.

Strawberries picked,

Fingers sticky, bellies full,

Plenty left for jam.

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© 22/05/2023 rog leach

late spring cravings

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Late spring cravings!

Haibun time at #dversepoetspub. hosted tonight by Linda.

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A longing grabs my heart each and every late spring. In late April and early May an insatiable urge to visit the sea shore takes hold. Grabbing me by the throat as the cherry trees blossom and the tulips show their colours. My heart is ladened with its winter blues. Worse this year, than it has been for a decade or more. The wet and grey dragging me down more for each year I still have to use the bicycle.  The call to visit the salt sprayed coast getting stronger with each dull wet day. Each time a ray of sunshine breaks through and catches a tulip flower, gets me remembering the summer seashore flowerbeds visited in my youth.

Each breath demands salt,

Heart loaded with memories,

Warm sea breeze caresses.

When time and money allow the craving will be fed. It does not happen each and every spring. This year the craving is back with force. It has been almost eight months since I filled my lungs with the smell of the sea. where will I next eat a meal with a sea view.

© 24/04/2023 rog leach

Last seashore meal

succulent diamond #haibun

#FOWC with fandango . one word challenge “succulent”.

#dverse poets pub area talking about pressure. Thank you frank for the prompt

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Succulent diamond.


Succulent diamonds,

Earth’s hidden treasure stolen,

Used for shiny bling.

Would I want to be a diamond. A nice hard shiny diamond. I have read a report of those who would like to have their ashes compressed into a diamond…….

Really! What a daft idea who buys that shiny shit. Why do we dig holes in the ground chasing shiny baubles? Bling really what a waste of valuable resources.  The pressure this puts on our planet just for a bit of shiny decoration.

Gold, diamonds and other shiny shit is wasted when used to decorate us. Let’s recycle what we have already! Dig it out of landfills, melt down Mr T’s gold chains etc, etc, etc. Use it to improve science, communication, our knowledge, etc, etc, etc.

Earth under pressure,

Free her from stupidity,

Wisdom now required.

© 27/03/2023 rog leach

Half moon promise

Tonight’s #dversepub poetic meet is all about the half moon. so we are writing haibuns on the subject.

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Half-moon promise!

#Haibun, #halfmoon, #dverse.

Riding home at sunset in February always pleasant as each evening gets lighter. The half moon rising in the sky with a few stars shining brighter than the light pollution from my town.  The weather report on the evening news promises a chance to glimpse the northern lights from here, normally too far south for such a treat. Then the clouds appear obscuring any hope. Perhaps one day another trip to Scotland will be fitted into my life.

Please Mezza Luna,

Northan lights a must see,

On my bucket list.

© 27/02/2023 rog leach

shelter #haibun

feed the world,

Today at #dversepoetspub mish has invited us to talk about shelter. something we all have the right to. but some of us have the means to earn our shelter removed.

Shelter #haibun.

Have you ever had the choice of eating or a roof over your head? Ever had to try and survive a month with only £10 for food? So, the shelter of a kindly relative offering a hot meal each day was a savour. I soon moved away from that toxic situation of low wages and high rent. I have empathy for those who are not able to do so. The private school boys who now run Britain are paddling this green and pleasant land down the river without a paddle.

Despite life having moved on here in England the fuel companies think they have the right to fleece their customers. Making huge profits while whole families go with out food and warmth. I am really concerned with the English governments attitude to class system. They have not the right to ignore the suffering of millions as they sit in their ivory towers swigging expensive wine.

© 29/08/2022 Rog Leach

Physco leaders reap,                            Fuel prices rise up,

Billionaires drain society,                    Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,

Families crushed.                                 Killed for wealth.

                    © 28/08/2022 Rog Leach /