shelter #haibun

feed the world,

Today at #dversepoetspub mish has invited us to talk about shelter. something we all have the right to. but some of us have the means to earn our shelter removed.

Shelter #haibun.

Have you ever had the choice of eating or a roof over your head? Ever had to try and survive a month with only £10 for food? So, the shelter of a kindly relative offering a hot meal each day was a savour. I soon moved away from that toxic situation of low wages and high rent. I have empathy for those who are not able to do so. The private school boys who now run Britain are paddling this green and pleasant land down the river without a paddle.

Despite life having moved on here in England the fuel companies think they have the right to fleece their customers. Making huge profits while whole families go with out food and warmth. I am really concerned with the English governments attitude to class system. They have not the right to ignore the suffering of millions as they sit in their ivory towers swigging expensive wine.

© 29/08/2022 Rog Leach

Physco leaders reap,                            Fuel prices rise up,

Billionaires drain society,                    Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,

Families crushed.                                 Killed for wealth.

                    © 28/08/2022 Rog Leach /

Blossom #haibun

here at #dverse poets pub Frank has chosen cherry blossom as our subject for tonight’s Haibun

This years cherry blossoms feels so different from last years. hope you all are safe and well in the love of your families.

          This winter has not been a cold weather year. But the world of man has been bitterly cold and harsh. As spring springs war has erupted, covid has left its many marks and we could all do with an uplift for our spirits. I am looking towards nature, hoping she shows me the warmth missing from humanities callousness. The only warmth shown me has come from the poets, storytellers and musicians around me. Cherry blossoms blooming give me the hope that this coming summer we can learn to get along, instead of chopping down all the trees.

Resting beneath tree,

Winters last chill depleted,

Cherry blossom bloom.

cheery cherry.

©28/03/2022 rog leach

Armchair #haibun

this was written for tonights monday #haibun challange at #dversepoets pub

There he sits . His knowledge never lived.

Gogglebox drop fed straight to his diseased mind.

His gardens arboreal skeletons mean no more than a hiding place.

The sky above this house burns like hellfire.

Hellfire marsh photo by Simon Luckman

The marsh of hellfire hides his victims

School uniforms his pleasure. A collection he keeps under his bed

A police cordon surrounds his house every October 31st.

Until the kiddies firebombed his abode.

Curtains twitching

Childhood monster lives within

Innocents snatches loose