I am Incy

At #dversepoets pub this evening we have been prompted to write from the perspective of a creepy crawley.

I am Incy

Hu-man’s come, Hu-man’s go,

They cannot do static.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to pounch.

On my male

Hu-man’s talk, Hu-man’s shout.

They cannot do quiet.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting for my meals

To pull my leg

Hu-man’s taste, Hu-man’s waste

They cannot be orderly

I am Incy Waiting

Waiting for my hatchlings.

To feast on their first meal.

Hu-man’s switch, Hu-man’s make bright

They cannot do darkness.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to be eaten

I am my babies first m………….

©14/09/2021 rogleach

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