Greifs Slippery Slope.

a continuation of the Draco verse”epistles” between him and his wife. This one added for the #FOWC daily word promt “Slope” on sat 10/7/2021.

Dear Draco,

          Found Lazuli’s grave have I,

           My self-loathing a slippery slope,

          We sold his morrows for what?

          Slanted melancholy morals awakened.

          My self-loathing a slippery slope,

          Created by Victorian rejection,

          Of our steampunk principles.

          We sold his morrows for What?

          For the living dead’s immortality,

          So, we can share our love eternally.

          Slanted melancholy morals awakened,

          Does our passion deserve to exist forever?

          I ask at Lazuli’s slope head grave.

          Yours in eternity

                    Black Widow.

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Dearest Black Widow,

          Lazuli’s morrows meant everything to everyone.

          Our self-loathing is worthless,

          Slanted melancholy morals awakened,

          Highlighting the balance required!

          Our self-loathing is worthless,

          It gives nothing to our being,

          Our beloved darkness a blessing.

          Slanted melancholy morals awakened,

          Tilted towards darkness for balance,

          We balance humanities love of the light.

          Highlighting the balance necessary,

          Is why Lazuli’s morrows were sold,

          Leaving him buried at slopes head, so our love lives eternal.

          Forever yours Draco.

© 10/7/2021 rogleach