uninvited dictatorship.

(thump) is unspoken and is a knock with the shenanigans stick.

#Wordatthewharf, #openmicpoems.

Thank you, Sarah for a good prompt to drop this one into here @ #dversepoets pub.

i have added the line “no inkling of the way-no notion.” to a poem written when yet another person became the English prime minister without being elected. i have performed this at an open mic and a spoken word event since. but only added the Thomas Hood line this evening.

(thump) HEY YOU the uninvited,

Political leaders taking the government,

(thump) Killing our democracy,

(thump) money grabbers, (thump) your scruples dead,

Corrupt politicians of greedy denomination. (thump)

Selling out our schools (thump) for profit,

Selling out our NHS (thump) for friends’ profit,

Starving our children, (thump)

Freezing our parents, (thump)

Putting us on the streets, (thump)

Under funding our police. (thump)

Letting crime go unpunished. (thump)

DID we populace invite you, (thump)

To sell us out,


You the politicians are,

Uninvited (thump x2)

So, we no longer have,

A blank future.

As the dictators have.

*“No inkling of the way – no notion.”

©24/10/2022 rog leach.

*From Thomas hood’s poem November added 15/11/2022

Nine #couplets

no silver spoons

hello #Dversepoetpub visitors, tonight at the pub Laura was going two by two to the bar.

So we are writing in couplets, I have chosen to go with cote version.

Using the form to describe the duplicity of the class system here in England and other places around the world.

nine #cotes.


Unreasonable time requests, expected.


Tasks’ completion expected, NOW.


Expected due to birth right, never given.


A classless society badly required.


While hereditary titles remain legal.


Not given to hereditary title holders.


Of love must succeed over hatred.


While greed and fear rule society.


Given freely to those with love in their hearts.

© 22/09/2022 rog leach

shelter #haibun

feed the world,

Today at #dversepoetspub mish has invited us to talk about shelter. something we all have the right to. but some of us have the means to earn our shelter removed.

Shelter #haibun.

Have you ever had the choice of eating or a roof over your head? Ever had to try and survive a month with only £10 for food? So, the shelter of a kindly relative offering a hot meal each day was a savour. I soon moved away from that toxic situation of low wages and high rent. I have empathy for those who are not able to do so. The private school boys who now run Britain are paddling this green and pleasant land down the river without a paddle.

Despite life having moved on here in England the fuel companies think they have the right to fleece their customers. Making huge profits while whole families go with out food and warmth. I am really concerned with the English governments attitude to class system. They have not the right to ignore the suffering of millions as they sit in their ivory towers swigging expensive wine.

© 29/08/2022 Rog Leach

Physco leaders reap,                            Fuel prices rise up,

Billionaires drain society,                    Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,

Families crushed.                                 Killed for wealth.

                    © 28/08/2022 Rog Leach / https://pyscopoet.home.blog/2022/08/28/end-of-days/

End of Days


hi #dversepoetspub here is my choice for tonight’s open link.

Cold cold cold


coming at Ya like a train out of the dark,

Da, Da, Dom. Da, Da, Dom

Fuel prices rise up,                              Death by deprivation,

Vulnerable people dead,                      Billionaires drain society,

License to murder.                               Cold and old dying.


Physco leaders reap,                            Fuel prices rise up,

Billionaires drain society,                    Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,

Families crushed.                                 Killed for wealth.

WAR! betrayed families.

Da, Da, Dom.

Idiots follow nations,                           Weapon dealers sell,

Illegal wars sanctioned,                       Vulnerable people dead,

By greedy hawkers.                             Families crushed.

Da, Da, DOM

Weapon dealers sell,                            Physco leaders reap,

Your Decency beheaded,                     Illegal wars sanctioned,

Killed for wealth.                                 By greedy hawkers.

Betrayed! LIES! not

Death by deprivation,                          Idiots follow nations,

Wealth grabbing fuel suppler,              Your Decency beheaded,

Cold and old dying.                             License to murder.

LIES! not Betrayal! YES

Lies and betrayals,                               politicians lie,

Of scumbags and politicians,                         to subjugate populace,

Never believe them.                             Causing panicked riots.

Betrayed.                                             Fooled.

Da, da, da Dom.

Their truth never existed,               Lies and betrayals,

Construct of greedy man,           To, divide and conquer,

Fools following scumbags,                            Never believe them.

And Lies.                                             Wars follow.

Da, da, da, Dom

Betrayals and lies,                               their truth never existed,

To subjugate populace,                        To poets and politicians,

Causing panicked riots.                                  Fooling populace.

War created.                              Revolution! Wanted.

Da, Da, da DOM.  Ba, Ba, Bom

Politicians lie,                                      Betrayals and lies

To divide and conquer,                        Construct of greedy man,

Fooling populace.                      Fools following scum bags.

Da, da, da, Dom.  Ba, Ba, Ba, Bomb.

Don’t be fooled by politicians lies and betrayals.

Riots and revolution assured.


© 28/08/2022 1st

© 11/09/2022 final draft


cult end game

#quadrille #anti-cult

Star book hour, e-mail sent,

Grum-hive born, take the cash,

Meet at spar park, Anti cult,

Evil nuns and gods, take souls,

Hang like a boss, minds broken,

Dead mind is mine, soul snaps,

Look, jump, splat, body dead,

Cult grabs lead, heads died.

© 07/08/2022 Rog Leach.