Scarecrow harmony #Quadrille

#Fowc harmony

De from whimsygizmo hosted #dversepoetspub this evening prompting a scare.

I have also included the word harmony from #fowc.

bring out them heads

Scarecrow Harmony.

#Quadrille (scare), #fowc (harmony)

Twas a dark and scary night,

At the scarecrow harmony,

Building night of the next,


Two headed harmonies,

From plastic Halloween head ideas to,

Next year’s scarecrows made in spring,

This consecrated Halloween party,

Is scarecrow harmony,

On a dark and scary night.

© 31/10/2022 rog (scarecrow) leach

Uninvited dictatorship

(A call for a general election.)

HEY YOU the uninvited,

Political leaders taking the government,

Killing our democracy,

money grabbers, your scruples dead,

Corrupt politicians of greedy denomination.

Selling out our schools for profit,

Selling out our NHS for friends’ profit,

Starving our children,

Freezing our parents,

Putting us on the streets,

Under funding our police.

Letting crime go unpunished.

DID we populace invite you,

To sell us out,


You the politicians are,


So, we no longer have,

A blank future.

©24/10/2022 rog leach.

culture clash #limericks

This evening Punam is hosting letting us know about the language crossover words between Indian languages and English. Punam has given a list of us to choose from I have gone with Hullabaloo, Shampoo, juggernaut and bandana. so, while India and other Hindu around the world celebrate Diwali. I have gone with a light rhyming form which I enjoy the limerick.

Photo by Belle Co on

There was a bear called Hullabaloo,

Who could not bear to use shampoo,

Spending his days eating honey,

Always sticky and finding it funny,

His mother knew not what to do.

 There was yoga juggernaut called Yogi,

Who was to heavy and slow to boogie,

She Took to wearing a bandana,

Before learning to play the old Johanna,

Now when she dances, no longer a rookie.

© 25/10/2022 Rog Leach

Blank page #poem

Thank you, Luara, for a truly challenging prompt tonight here @ #dversepoetspub. it has given my brain a workout. A roundabout was the challenge. i nearly had a


Across, across virgin snow,

As blank as the page,

My pen must walk,

Before we talk,

As blank as the page.

Why does my ink rage?

When rhyme is ad-hoc,

Driving round the twist,

Breaking my wrist,

When rhyme is ad-hoc.

When I ink this page,

My footsteps walk,

Virgin snow kissed,

Now I’m pissed*,

My footsteps walk.

Pen held in my tight fist,

Writing hard now,

No more blank page,

Without the ink’s rage,

Writing hard now.

*Pissed used in both English and American meanings.

©20/10/2022 Rog Leach

moon #dverse


tonight @dversepoets pub we are discussing the moon in poetic form.


Corn dolls dancing in her light,

As Harvest moon blesses crops,

Before all hallows eve sees winter in.

Summers warmth ebbs away,

Golden leaves fall through,

misty morning gloom.

Winter’s moon’s waiting,

To seal in this winters’,

Cold and dark nights.

Moon faced and cold,

I await springs fresh greens,

Hidden away from harvest moon.

© 18/10/2022 Rog Leach