no lies



thanks Punam for talking about resolutions this week @#dversepoets

little liars

No lies!

I resolved not to set resolutions,

I found them to be little white,

LIES. Others tell you.

Telling I myself this year I could,

Do so much,

LIES. Others have convinced me I should be.

Teaching my children,

Not to,


So why do I,

Lie. To myself.

About what is expected

Enough I said one,

New Year’s Eve,

Stop lying to yourself.

So, no more lies,

Live life,

Have fun,

I will never be,

Rich or Skinny, or living on a tropical isle,

Or keep all the liars around me happy.

Bollocks to resolutions, live your life your way be happy.

© 31/01/2023 rog leach

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