Boldly belonging. #quadrille

#dversepoetspub. #belonging

This was the very first of my poems I read aloud to a room full of strangers, back in October of 2018. Now 4 years and four months ago. now those strangers are my friends.


#Quadrille, #dverse.


Hands shaking, stomach turning,

Four years and four months since,

 First venture to share my poetry.


Learning still how to poem,

Building a boulder of work,  

Will my hands ever,

Cease shaking?

When sharing aloud.

© 09/01/2023 rogleach


18 thoughts on “Boldly belonging. #quadrille

  1. A little stage fright cautions us to be humble i think, yet bold we must be and get the job done.


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  2. Ah…..writing poetry is a journey of pen and mind…..but then sharing our thoughts and words, that takes a different kind of will….and then sharing our thoughts and words aloud, that takes another show of will. It does help though, to do so amongst a friendly bunch like at OLN LIVE! 🙂 I continue to learn about new forms, trying my hand at what I call sudoku prompts…and trust me, it often takes a jumping off the proverbial cliff to put them into Mr. Linky!

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  3. Rog, I remember a quote but not by who that says, “move, and the universe moves with you.” I’m glad you made the move over 4 years ago and developed friendships with poets. Reading in front of others always makes me extremely nervous, and so far have only read through the live online forum. You are courageous for getting up in front of real live people!

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  4. Beautiful poem about the experience of sharing poetry, and the feelings of nervousness and anxiety that can come with it. I don’t know the exact time but I too have been writing poetry for 4 years and some months now.

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