uninvited dictatorship.

(thump) is unspoken and is a knock with the shenanigans stick.

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Thank you, Sarah for a good prompt to drop this one into here @ #dversepoets pub.

i have added the line “no inkling of the way-no notion.” to a poem written when yet another person became the English prime minister without being elected. i have performed this at an open mic and a spoken word event since. but only added the Thomas Hood line this evening.

(thump) HEY YOU the uninvited,

Political leaders taking the government,

(thump) Killing our democracy,

(thump) money grabbers, (thump) your scruples dead,

Corrupt politicians of greedy denomination. (thump)

Selling out our schools (thump) for profit,

Selling out our NHS (thump) for friends’ profit,

Starving our children, (thump)

Freezing our parents, (thump)

Putting us on the streets, (thump)

Under funding our police. (thump)

Letting crime go unpunished. (thump)

DID we populace invite you, (thump)

To sell us out,


You the politicians are,

Uninvited (thump x2)

So, we no longer have,

A blank future.

As the dictators have.

*“No inkling of the way – no notion.”

©24/10/2022 rog leach.

*From Thomas hood’s poem November added 15/11/2022


11 thoughts on “uninvited dictatorship.

  1. Powerful political truth, Rog. Reading it live it is probably that much more powerful. I can’t help but see (thump) as the name of one of the most hated beasts of that ilk in these-here parts. Good luck to you all across the sea. We dodged some bullets last week in our mid-term elections, but “thump” has vowed to run for POTUS in 2024.

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