conkers bonkers #haibun

Thank you, Xenia Tran, for hosting tonight @ #dverse. and prompting us to write a September haiubun .

across the moor in autumn.

Conkers bonkers!

Across the moor to fun,

Children laughing kicking leaves,

Filling parent’s pockets with horse chestnut.

Grandparents enjoying their company.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows,

Watching conker championships,

(An English game played with horse chestnuts threaded onto string).

Craft filled tents selling their wares.

Back to grandparents’ home,

To find exploded jacket potatoes,

All over grandad’s oven,

Never forgotten for ten years and beyond.

One conker now tree,

Growing in my garden lawn,

Living reminder.

© 26/09/2022 rog leach


13 thoughts on “conkers bonkers #haibun

  1. I remember going conkers bonkers, Rog! I still love a jacket potato. What a joyful haibun – and how wonderful that one of your conkers is growing in your garden now.

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  2. You make the energy and enjoyment of those September days as palpable as the horse chestnut in your pocket. The haiku reminded me of Bilbo’s acorn in the Hobbit 🙂
    ~ Dora

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