Nine #couplets

no silver spoons

hello #Dversepoetpub visitors, tonight at the pub Laura was going two by two to the bar.

So we are writing in couplets, I have chosen to go with cote version.

Using the form to describe the duplicity of the class system here in England and other places around the world.

nine #cotes.


Unreasonable time requests, expected.


Tasks’ completion expected, NOW.


Expected due to birth right, never given.


A classless society badly required.


While hereditary titles remain legal.


Not given to hereditary title holders.


Of love must succeed over hatred.


While greed and fear rule society.


Given freely to those with love in their hearts.

© 22/09/2022 rog leach

21 thoughts on “Nine #couplets

  1. Wow! You’ve really moved within the cote form very well here! I suspect this is somewhat inspired by the death of Queen Elizabeth and all of the events that followed? She was an incredible woman who was thrust into her position because her uncle abdicated from the throne. I suspect she would have been extremely happy as a woman living in the country, raising horses and dogs rather than being a monarch. Still, privileged in that role though with the wealth associated with royalty, whether one is queen or not. Your words have real meaning here.

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  2. Events seem to overtake us one way or another, Rog, and this is reflected in your nine cotes – nine for ninth month perhaps? I agree with ‘Demands, / Of love must succeed over hatred’ and ‘Impossible, / While greed and fear rule society’.

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