Helter Skelter #ekphrastic

Helter Skelter.

I live the helter skelter life,

Round and round and round,

Sliding away from where I was.

But where I was, was not right,

Round and round and round,

Sliding towards where I will be.

Back up the stairs through the darkness,

Will I make the top,

Again and again and again.

Just walk away, away, away

From the bollocks of the

Helter skelter life style of

Climbing life’s greasy pole

Only to be knocked back down.

© 13/09/2022 Rog Leach

here tonight at the #dverse pub we invited to look at the houses painted by Lee Madgwick and create an ekphrastic poem. thank you Sarah for the prompt.

23 thoughts on “Helter Skelter #ekphrastic

  1. Tried commenting before – not sure it made it. Certainly sums up spinning out of control!


  2. Life can certainly present itself that way Rog, like a thanklessly repetitions grind. But as the grind winds down towards the end, we find we’d might like to go round round and round — just once more my friend.


    1. p.s. I could not find a way to comment on your OLN spider poem on the page, so I’ll put it here. One thing spiders are really good at is being patient. Sooner or later something wanders in…

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