life’s labour #quadrille159

Here we are again at the poet’s pub enjoying the quadrilles and the company of kindred spirits.

don’t let the hourglass of life slip you past. grab life by the horns and enjoy.

sands of life.

thank you msjadeli at #dversepotspub for a great prompt.

Life’s labours!

#quadrille159, # labour, #grafter.

We labour through the University of life,

Meeting abuse for our efforts.

We labour through life,

Being born just once.

Learn to enjoy life.

We labour through life,

Meeting death just once.

Reject abuse of your efforts,

Passing along wisdom from university of life.

© 05/09/2022 rog leach

13 thoughts on “life’s labour #quadrille159

  1. I enjoyed your creativity and message, but I think we all meet death many times before it/he/she snares us, through the death of loved ones and friends, and through our own close-calls and brushes with it.

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