Fractured mind #circles.

Tonight @dversepoetspub we are talking Fractal poems. The prompt took to a new poem and reminded me of another I wrote back in 2020 published 2021 on the same subject. Tonight’s is written in the text. The 2020 poem is the picture.

circles written Dec 2020

Golden haze descends on work day end,

As I read of fractals and self-similar patterns,

Dark clouds climb the sky,

Behind golden haze,

Throwing shadows in gold and black.

Thunder storm clearing the air,

Of sticky nights but not,

 of fractured society.

Work patterns now entrenched,

Am I nowt but a robot,

Feeling lost when,

I no longer need to,

Make the same circles,

Each and every day.

The thunder storm of retirement,

Calls to my fractal mind,

My hands still working,

 In my sleep,




Till I die.

© 19/07/2022 rog leach

4 thoughts on “Fractured mind #circles.

  1. Rog, is there a way you can link the 2020 post with the text. I want to read it more easily if possible. I like the artwork and format and remember it from before. As I read your new poem I think of repetition of fractals, each one the same, but different, yet proportional. I can see why you would think of work days as fractals. Hope you get your cooling thunderstorms (while you sip your Summer Rain.)

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