Celebrate #quadrille155

sunset with the SPECIALS.

Thank you to The Specials for a wonderful show on Saturday the 9th July 2022.

Tonight at #dverse Merrill has picked the word Celebrate for the first #Quadrille back after summer break. could not resist. sharing this memory made over the weekend of visiting a castle with 5 bands playing over an afternoon and evening. including The Specials as headliners, thanks for a great day guys.

Come said sol, lets party,

Celebrate days end,

Orange, golden and warm.

Let the singers sing,

 drummers drumming,

 The saxophones wailing.

Spreading love for all,

Dancing to the beat,

Swaying with the crowd.

Meandering home,

With love in our hearts,

A sunset never forgotten.

© 11/07/2022 rog leach


17 thoughts on “Celebrate #quadrille155

  1. This is absolutely stellar writing, Rog! I love the choice of words and tone here .. a real celebratory feel to the Q 😀

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  2. Oh what a beautiful day it must have been. 5 bands and a castle and watching the sun go down during the celebration. I can hear you and your buddy/wife laughing and singing all the way home. So glad you had such an opportunity, Rog.

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  3. This poem makes me smile and brings back years of happy memories of dancing at summer festivals. There is nothing better than live music when there is nothing between you and the sky.

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