Onion practioner

written for two prompts tonight one over at #dverse supplied by Bjorn giving us the line “It’s a moon wrapped in brown paper ” from Carol Ann Duffy’s poem valentine. and the word Practtitioner from Fandangos one word challenge.#FOWC.

Onion practitioner

Buy love! buy love!

Loves not a commodity for sale,

Bought from gross practitioners,

hawkers of cheapness and fakery,

venders of tat, sellers of nonsense,

dealers in delusions of romance.

Real love cannot be bought,

Like an onion from a vendor,

The onion practitioner,

only call will be “it is a moon,

wrapped in brown paper.”

A plastic heart,                 Will pollute

Both you and your home,

Selling your love for

A plastic rose,


I would much prefer to be

An onion practitioner,

Selling my many tasty morsels,

Moonlike in their own,

Paper bag wrappings,

Making you cry without feelings,

While loving their stink.

Hawkers lining their pockets

On your romantic notions,

Joys they do not bring,

Only lies of happiness,

In peer enforced romance.

True love has the,

Same many layers,

As the onion,

So here I,

 wish you a happy,

Onion day.

©14/2/2022 rog leach

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