University of Life

this is a rewoking of one of my older poems

I’ve been through that door to mind breached

Have laid broken and dejected on the floor

After I took a smack apon the rack of ribs

That held my weather-beaten heart

Before I accepted a wife

At the university of life.

Butterflies flutter by inside

Moths shimmer past outside

Heart thumping mind melting

Missing childhood home

Under big sky of eastern realm

Lonely and lost at the

at the University of life

There’s been times I’ve been spent,

Before I’ve made the rent,

When the time of day was not my own,

   Working on the line without my mind,

Black and blue before I met you,

Out of my face on

A case of red vermouth,

At the university of life.

My laws, your laws,

High laws, low laws,

Right laws, Wrong laws

Which law, your laws,

Which laws are the right laws?

At the university of life.

To get good with wood

Listen and learn

Finding a trade once you made the grade,

So, sing along it’s time to re-join the crowd

Making your family proud

Be glad when you graduate

From the university of life.

Those that think themselves better

You may wear a collar and tie,

A crown, or a bowler,

You’re minds no taller than mine,

Here’s a bottle of blasphemy from me to you

Bought on exit at students shop

Of the university of life

Not to have been a smarty at the party,

Not to have moaned and groaned and left life’s party,

Do dare to be alone when you need not the noise

When your mind took you to the babbling brook,

Away from the strife

At the university of life.

more to follow

as i still attend

the university of life

©First draft 2016

©this draft 09/2021 rog leach

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  1. This is absolutely fantastic writing! I especially like; “Black and blue before I met you/Out of my face on/A case of red vermouth/At the university of life/My laws, your laws/High laws, low laws/Right laws, Wrong laws.”💝💝

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