I am Incy

At #dversepoets pub this evening we have been prompted to write from the perspective of a creepy crawley.

I am Incy

Hu-man’s come, Hu-man’s go,

They cannot do static.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to pounch.

On my male

Hu-man’s talk, Hu-man’s shout.

They cannot do quiet.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting for my meals

To pull my leg

Hu-man’s taste, Hu-man’s waste

They cannot be orderly

I am Incy Waiting

Waiting for my hatchlings.

To feast on their first meal.

Hu-man’s switch, Hu-man’s make bright

They cannot do darkness.

I am Incy waiting

Waiting to be eaten

I am my babies first m………….

©14/09/2021 rogleach

i can see you

16 thoughts on “I am Incy

  1. That looks like a boat spider or one that lives near water. They do get busy building their webs at night. I like how you used repetition in your poem.

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  2. Yes.. a most intriguing poem. I looked up Incy, thinking there might really be an insect by that name. Love your addressing us as hu-mans but wonder how you stumbled upon your own name. Am I dense? I love how you got into the mind of a bug.

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  3. I love your spidery perspective here, Rog! Love the spider’s view of Hu-man activity. Is it true that they get eaten by their young? The ultimate sacrifice!

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  4. Oh I love this! The repetition of “hu-mans can’t do” is so effective, but it only becomes really alien and other in the last line. The contrast with the childish incy wincy rhyme is so striking, the way that familiarity gives a false sense of understanding that your poem really makes clear is false.


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