Blakes Prose

At dverse poetry pub this evening Igrid has brought us into the realm of William Blake. We hace been asked t writ a piece of prose no longer than 144 words long to include the line “So, if we all do our part, they need not fear harm.”

“So, if all do their duty, they need not fear harm!”

Announced the ministry of poet’s poster. Last nights news report shared the death of bigotry. The last of the great inabilities of man to get along. The poster from the ministry now as famous as keep calm and carry on. It had

 called   to all poets, singers, songwriters and story tellers to free us of our hatred for each other. The first to fall was racism fallowed by bullying then sexism and then homophobia.

The spreading of love and respect finally bringing peace to humanity. destroying our need for self harm. installing love for all permutations of humnaity.

#peaceforall #poetryrules

 © 13/9/2021 rogleach for Dverse poets prompt.

15 thoughts on “Blakes Prose

  1. It shouldn’t be so unattainable. “Poets, singers, songwriters and storytellers”…aww yes, let them lead the way!
    Thanks for sharing the dream.

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  2. Love this. It’s us poets, artists, authors and other creative beings who shall lead in the future. Cheers! 💝💝

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