#poem, #climatechange

here is a little something i have written for those who are trying to stay safe in the areas of the world suffering with forest fires this summer. i saw a news report about a greek island where the sky was a firey orange reflected fron dark grey smoke.

Our road verges are reborn with clean rain and shine,

Birds singing with the joy of rebirth,

of our clean and pleasant island

During our covid lockdowns.

Armageddon orange skies, Over Greek islands

When will they receive their rebirth?

With their own vegetation reinstating.

after over hot summer.

How I would loathe to witness

Our green and pleasant island

Under the same Armageddon orange skies.

Do we need to put back the traffic?

On our roads and in our skies,

Polluting our skies and our seas needing to stop.

© 9/6/2021 rogleach