Today at #DVERSE poets pub we have been prompted to use a line from ms Zors Neale Hurston.

“No I do not weep at the world- I am too busy sharpening My oyster knife”

I am personelly going to have to read up on Ms Hurston as this is my first encounter with her work.



I sit and wonder is this all I have? After the downfall of society.

A society killed by its own greed. Selling unfit food to the poorest of society.

The seas around us now full again. The land dead, over farmed. Many poisoned,

Including my parents.  The last of my line I must pass on my genes.

All have is my daily ration of 144 oysters.

 No family and  no legs only my oyster beds.

I was dumped here on this beach.

The old oyster farmer raised me.

Her oyster beds now mine.

  “No, I do not weep at the world. I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife.”

Were the first words my mermaid said to me.

Now we are married our children will not live upon the dead land.

Me the last of my kind as we head back to the seas.

© 19/07/2021 rogleach

22 thoughts on “144 OYSTERS.

  1. Rog, I love what reads as both tragic and mystical fairy tale. So much unhappiness but finally joy when he’s brought together with his ideal match. I am cheering for the MC and imagining him and his family frolicking in the sea.

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