What use an Ego?

A dribble of only 100 letters written fro todays(5/7/21) fandango #fowc prompt and ragtag daily promt #deluge


#FOWC #repeat


#RDP #Ragtagdailyprompt #deluge

A deluge of self-belief!

A repeat of arrogance!

A deluge of belligerence!

A repeat of animosity!

So You decide

What use an ego!

© rogleach 5/7/21

Glasses for the darkest hearts
blue tinted ego

5 thoughts on “What use an Ego?

  1. I have been troubled by my mother’s habit or compulsion to speak in “positive” ego-affirming ways as if it’s faith (that’s not faith). But I realized, in maybe the last week, that she has internal struggles with feeling significant. She included her survival of being a premature twin (who had to stay in the hospital when her twin didn’t have to) along with other survival stories in her own life and how imports her life must be since she made it through. But it dawned on me to contrast that with one day, maybe a year ago, when she said her arrival home after her sister had already been home was met by her sister wishing she was dead (she was talking about an infant hating her that much). [She and her sister are actually very close and connected. So I was surprised to hear this idea.] I think her personal attributes mean she has to choose one or the other and can’t reason a lot of anything in between . It’s sad, really.

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      1. Oops: … and how imports her life must be …

        That should’ve included the word important rather than imports.

        It’s been a real challenge to have her as a mother (because of the ego and control freak ways). But I’m glad I’ve figured out, even if only when she’s old enough to slip in her facade, what the hell is going on.

        I don’t live with her. I was staying with her for a couple months to help her after my dad died. I found that I couldn’t really stand it then.

        I have a feeling this dichotomy on perspectives is common with people who have to inflate their egos.

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