orange tinge

I sit here next to my lounge window as the sun sets after a hectic day. My mind drifts away from my day’s busy workplace. The orange tinge to the sky helping to relax my tired mind and body.   The birds saying goodnight to us all as I write this. Making me wonder if the morning bird song is the “Dawn Chorus” does that make the bird song at sun set the “Dusk Chorus”?

                                        Birds bellies now full.

                              Goodnight feathered friend’s goodnight.

                                        They sang for supper.

© 26/4/2021 rogleach

written for tonights haiburn prompt on dverse hope you all have apleasent evening.

16 thoughts on “Chorus

  1. That’s the way to be, Rog, with the ‘orange tinge to the sky helping to relax [my] tired mind and body’. Although I love the dawn chorus, birdsong at dusk, especially the nightingale’s, is a little more magical.

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  2. Love the transition from what seems chaotic to the peaceful sound of birdsong as a lull. It can be very relaxing after a long day indeed. Very beautifully written and expressed.

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