My oppressive tranquillity does not deceive!

The female I stalk alone, my urban camouflage helps conceal me,

From her sensitive intuitions, I have been veiled here before,

Watching her breath steam into the frosted daybreak,

My callous appetite bringing me hither again,

To shadowing her this youthful morning,

Hankering fulfilment from my desires,

A nip from the hip keeps me warm,

I eye her up and down thru lens,

Before pulling the trigger,

The pleasure is knowing,

My children will feast,

On venison tonight,

Going to sleep

Bellies full.

© 28/1/2021 rog leach

frosty morn

Thanks Peter for this evenings meeting at the bar prompt at dverse poets pub. you suggestion of concentrating on our first lines made me think of having different feelings at the start and finish of my poem.

17 thoughts on “Stalker

  1. Well, your opening line drew me in … and as I read each line realized where you were heading. I copied and sent to my brother-in-law who relishes his time in the woods in a hunting cabin he shares with long time buddies. All of them in their 70s and 80s, certain he will read it to them soon. Cheers.

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