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No more ghastly plague info,

I can abide it any longer,

This pandemic can go jump,

I tolerate fear no longer,

Conspiracy theories,

 adding more unease and distrust,

To this world’s cauldron of discontent,

Researchers chasing cure for us,

Vaccination will triumph for all.

30/11/20 rog leach

13 thoughts on “GHASTLY

  1. I can relate to what you’re saying, Rog. My older son works at a hospital and is pretty much consumed by learning as much as he can in order to stay alive. He said there are 3 vaccines coming, they expect the world to be vaccinated by the end of summer. At the moment though things are pretty grim. One of the biggest dangers (besides idiots refusing to wear masks around others) is a phenomenon he told me about, called “caution fatigue,” where you get so tired of it all that you just say fuggit.

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  2. I got tired of being afraid of this thing long ago. Now I’m tired of all the social distancing measures but abide by them as for now its the only way to protect others and myself!

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