human harvest

Haibun Monday: Being But Human (


burnt orange hues

The starling’s murmuration over roost joins the spectacle,

As the sun says it’s goodnights in burnt orange hues,

The other birds singing their lullabies.

Will the virus add me to his human harvest tonight?

Stomping on my enjoyment of another mighty dawn chorus,

In the pink and red glow of tomorrows sunrise.

The bird’s lullabies reassure my tired

 lock downed mind as sleep creeps up,

this summers lockdown birdsong has kept,

bad head company at bay,

as the virus took its human harvest.

Human Harvester.

Hiding behind Autumn song.

Bird Song Saving me.

23/11/20 rog leach

18 thoughts on “human harvest

  1. Birdsong is awe inspiring and reassuring, especially during lockdown – for some it’s been the only sound other than our own breathing. Birds are also wonderful to watch, their murmurations, vectors and aerial acrobatics.

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  2. The idea of the virus as human harvester is a chilling one: but we should never let fear rule our lives as you have shown by describing the saving grace of birdsong.

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  3. You quite have it all. Human harvester indeed. Birdsong is the way to greet the day with nature all around greeting the dawn. A special time of day. Thanks for joining in 🙂

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