Moon Beams

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this was origanally written for a prompt a year ago but thanks to #fff Fandangos-flashback-friday it has made a comeback.

Moon beams are my weapons of choice.

I use them to slay the nightmares and monsters.

Those who inhabit the night, the closet

and the dark spaces under your bed.

The nightmares of extinction for these critters

are brought on by the moon beams I hurl like javelins.

In their dreams they sleep with the moon as an ally,

but she is my lover. Giving me her moon beams to defend the weak.

I am the knight of the moons heart

. Keeping the meek from extinction.

Throwing moon beams at the greedy humans.

Piecing their hearts with love for the other residents of this Earths forests.

Not all are wearing the armour of ignorance.

That keeps my moon beans away from their hearts.

For those a head shot is death. These creatures of the sun will pass into the future critters  daymares.

14/9/2020 rog leach

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